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Blue Rose Overknee Socks’ Review – Moi-même-Moitié

Earlier this year (January 23rd, to be precise) Moi-Même-Moitié released her Blue Roses legwear both in OTK and Tights version. Today I’ll review the OTKs release, and I hope you’ll enjoy it!

GBlue Rose Overknee Socks

So, for those who don’t remember, here are the specs of the †Blue Rose Overknee Socks†:

  • 【Colors】White x Black
  • 【Size】M-L (freesize)
  • 【Flat measurements】Length 59cm (max 78cm) x  Elastic 12.5cm (max 20cm)
  • 【Material】 92% Polyester x 8% Polyurethane (80D)
  • 【Price】3400JPY (+tax)

I chose this pair specifically because of the vibrancy of the blue! It has, indeed, a pretty contrast, and it does a good job matching most of Moitie’s pieces. Most of, not all of them, as you’ll see below.

The print is made out of a collage of roses and some texts. The text (Elegant Gothic Aristocrat Vampire Romance) becomes quite invisible when worn, which doesn’t seem to happen with the white version.

And here’s a worn picture for reference! I’d say that this pair is a bit stretchier than past releases from Moitie, which would often go up to my knees. This time, this pair managed to get up to the middle of my tights without distorting the print.

And, finally, here’s a quick comparison: on the left, Moitie’s Alchemy. On the right, Moitie’s Blue Rose Chiffon. The OTKs’ blue is quite purplish when next to Alchemy, but it does a good job in matching for pictures, at least. For the trained eye, it’s still possible to see the differences in blue.

And, that’s it for today’s review!
Hope you’ll enjoy it and consider this pretty pair on your next purchase 🙂

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