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KawaiiCon: A Kawaii Convention in Argentina


On April 3rd, Rock Me Japan (a Harajuku style community from Argentina) organized their first convention: KawaiiCon. I’m part of the administration team and our objective was to showcase the “kawaii culture” through as many different aspects as possible. That’s why we not only made a call for indie local brands to sell their creations but also invited artists, photographers, musicians and all local J-fashion communities who wanted to participate.

One of the first activities in the schedule was a gyaru style makeover held by Gyaru Argentina.

kawaiicon (6)

Another activity organized by a local comm, this time Kawaiimo, was a karaoke. And I was one of the people who joined it! There was also a bingo by Vintage & Girly and a workshop by Tertulia Lolita, which I’m going to talk about in my next post.

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Here’s part of the art exhibition, by Milena Manzana.

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And one of the most anticipated activities was the fashion show! Local J-fashion lovers displayed all their potential putting together their own outfits and showing their unique styles. Unfortunately we could not take photos of all the models, but here are most of them :

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LOLITA by Emilia Nogueira and Zoe Solange


kawaiicon (7)

SHIRONURI by Toshi Bug and Camui Ledesma


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VISUAL KEI by Nahue Ren René and Ham Yoojin


kawaiicon (4)

MORI KEI by Ayelén Valle and Giselle Noelia Sosa


kawaiicon (8)

AKIBA KEI by Gina Lee and Nico J. Aobikawa


kawaiicon (11)

DECORA by Takeru and Alexio Atún


kawaiicon (15)

NU GOTH by Florencia Aldana Romero and Yesica Vera


kawaiicon (18)

KEI uchuu by Morena Varrá Aguilera and Ayelén Tunez


 About 1K people visited the event, which was completely free, making our first convention a success! We’re very thankful to all the vendors, artists, models and friends who helped us make KawaiiCon a dream come true. Now it’s time to get ready for our second International Harajuku Fashion Walk!

And one last thing I want to mention is that during KawaiiCon we showed the first episode of a series of documentaries filmed by the talented Yvonne Lavigne and directed by Eva Flores. This short documentary is about aomoji kei and you can watch it online HERE (English subtitles coming soon!)

Thanks for reading!

*Ph: Yesica Vera for Rock Me Japan*

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