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DIY: Gothic Lolita Bows

Today I am going to show you how to make a Gothic Lolita leather bow, in 7 easy steps! All you will need is leather fabric (or felt), scissors, a hot glue gun, and hair clips if you want to put them in your hair.

The first thing you do is cut your leather fabric into the shapes I have made below:

gb 1


Next follow the picture instructions 1-4.  

(Be sure to glue down and hold for 30 secs each time you fold)


gb 2

Then follow the picture instructions 5-7 to finish your bow.

gb 3

Once you are finished making the bows you can add hair clips or pins to the back so you can accessorize your Gothic Lolita outfits with these bows! Your finished bows should look like the ones below, when turned right-side up.

gb 4

I personally love the shape and uniqueness of these bows! I plan to use the bows I made as hair clips and as extra decoration to my Gothic Bonnets. Do not forget you can make different sizes and colors! If you want, you can even add accessories to the bows to make them even more personalized! I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do! Good luck and happy crafting!


* All photos are my own photos


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