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Getting Ready for a Lolita Event

Getting ready for a Lolita event

It doesn’t matter what exactly the Big Lolita Event is. You know it’s this one, whether it’s your comm’s ILD, a convention, a brand tea party or a really fancy afternoon tea. We all want to look our best for those special occasions. These tips help me ensure that and hopefully they’ll help you too.


Always Do a Practice Run

Regardless of whether you plan months in advance or last minute, do a practice run. At the very least put your entire coordinate on. Things can look very different laid flat or on a mannequin than on you. Where possible, include hair and makeup in your practice run too. It will help you spot things to tweak until all individual pieces work well together. If I’m trying a makeup style I’ve never done before, I will time myself with a stopwatch. Ideally time the whole process of getting ready. If took you two hours, make sure to count at least two hours for that on the day. All of this helps you get ready on time, allowing space for everything else (transport, breakfast, unpredicted problems etc.).

Difference between worn and unworn outfit for a Lolita event.

Flatlay versus worn outfit. Hair and makeup can make a difference, so whatever the event, aim to try things on beforehand.


Plan Your Lolita Event Coord as Far in Advance as You Can

This will be a challenge for those who leave things to the last minute. Especially if the event isn’t local to you (and your whole Lolita wardrobe), the earlier you know what to wear the better. Use the extra time to purchase the last finishing touches or practice that fabulous hairstyle. If you’re unsure, you’ll have time to ask for feedback and concrit from your friends or a group of mentors. Consider planning back-up options too, like weather-appropriate alternatives. Knowing exactly what you’ll wear and what you’ll need will also prevent forgetting to pack things. Write a list or take a photo of your complete outfit’s flatlay to use as reference.


Pack Your Bag Beforehand

Don’t leave packing your handbag until the day itself. This leaves you open to forgetting something important. Instead, pack it the night before the Lolita event. Depending on where you’re going and what you’ll be doing, you’ll need different things, but make sure to have the essentials. Compact mirror, phone charger or power bank, eyelash glue, bottle of water, phone, keys – the basics. If you feel up for it, I highly recommend bringing a change of shoes. An extra bag may not be very kawaii, but your feet will thank you for a break later. Consider putting your jewellery and smaller accessories in the bag too. That way should you run late, you’ll have everything with you to finish getting ready at the venue.

Making sure to have what you need.

Don’t forget the essentials, even if your Lolita event bag can’t hold any more than this!


Eat Before the Lolita Event

This may sound counterintuitive, especially as many Lolita events involve afternoon tea, but trust me on this. It’s not uncommon for something to happen and the event to run late. Also, while dietary requirements are respected, very picky eaters may still have a hard time. It’s horrible to run out of steam minutes before the fun starts or be kept waiting while hangry. You know how much is enough for you, so have something small and light, just enough to keep you going. Filling up with drinks is also a good idea, as we often mistake dehydration for hunger. Grab whatever stops your tummy from rumbling and keeps you going.


Get in the Mood for Your Lolita Event

Every event is different, but the point of them all is to have fun and enjoy yourself. Do what you can to stop anything ruining your mood. It’s easy if you’re sharing a room with friends, but you can get in the mood on your own too. Listen to music that makes you think about this Lolita event – or any music you associate with Lolita. Check your social media in search of sneak peeks or early coordinate shots. Take some snaps yourself, if you’re ready early. Let yourself be absorbed by positivity and the rest will fall into place. Now, one final look in the mirror before you leave and you’re good to go!

Don't be too serious at the Lolita event!

Have fun getting ready for your Lolita event, as well as at the event itself. Photo by Emily Valentine Photography.


* Thumbnail image by Catberry Photography, London August 26th 2016.

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