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Model Spotlight: Midori Fukasawa


Midori Fukasawa is a proeminent model in the Lolita Fashion world. In addition to modelling to a series of both Japanese and Chinese brands, Midori also attends events worldwide and gives lectures at Ueda College of Fashion, in Japan.

Midori is a recurrent model for Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, and has made a number of collabs with other brands such as Pullip, Disney and Long ears&Sharp ears. She’s also been featured in Kawaii media, providing tutorials and guide for her own cute daily style.

Midori says that what first got her into Lolita was her Grandmother’s habit of collecting French dolls. Not only that, she used to be really interested in all anime and manga cartoons that wore older European-style clothing. She found out about Kera Magazine back in High School and got instantly in love with the kawaii and Lolita style. She started wearing it when she was around 16, becoming a model while in college. She was scouted whilst wearing Lolita Fashion in Harajuku, and then Kera decided to hire her.

Midori is one of the few full-time models for Lolita Fashion, and what she loves the most in this job is being able to wear the newly-released products before anyone else. For her days-off she opts for the Classic Lolita sub-style.

Source: TokyoRebel

If you want to know more about Midori, you can follow her at LineBlog and Instagram!

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