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Lolitas on Youtube

As a blogger, I am heavily biased towards the written word. I enjoy reading other bloggers’ posts and j-fashion content in books and magazines. However, there are plenty of other media platforms that lolitas use to talk about the fashion. One of the most popular platforms is of course Youtube. There are too many lolita channels for me to fully list, but here are some fantastic people making video content. 

In putting together this article, I looked for channels that primarily featured lolita or j-fashion as their subject matter, had at least five videos, and had put out at least two videos in the last three months in order to highlight creators that are currently making content. There are other channels out there and I encourage you to keep looking for and supporting new artists. 

Last Week Lolita News (Scarfing Scarves)

Foul mouthed and irreverent, Last Week Lolita News serves as a weekly round up of all things lolita. Host Tyler summarizes news about Japanese and indie brand releases, dust ups and drama on social media sites, and weighs in on debates in the lolita community (with a definite focus on the Western world of j-fashion fans). LWLN has no patience for fools or itas, and Tyler creates carefully crafted insults for anyone who falls into her cross hairs. LWLN is thoroughly researched and scripted and Tyler is a joy to watch when she’s in top form. While LWLN isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, Tyler undeniably has her finger on the pulse of the lolita community. Her videos are a great way to keep on top of current events, especially if you don’t want to read through Rufflechat yourself.

 In addition to LWLN, Tyler also posts convention vlogs, reviews, unboxings, closet tours, and hosts an advice column. Tyler is strictly a sweet lolita, but her closet and coordinates are always on point and definitely a highlight of her videos. While her LWLN persona is salty and cutting, Tyler herself is patient with fans who write into her show and genuinely seems to love the community, as much as she enjoys riffing on ridiculous people and situations in her show. 

In addition to Youtube, you can find Tyler/ScarfingScarves on Instagram, Facebook, and Patreon.

Rose Nocturnalia

Rose Nocturnalia makes content related to both the EGL and Western gothic fashion. Her videos include reviews of gothic brands, make-up tutorials, and general advice videos about alternative fashion. The videos are concise and it always feels like the creator knows exactly what she wants to say about specific topics. Her advice for gothic fashion definitely applies to both Japanese and Western styles. Her make-up videos are great for any people of color looking inspiration. In addition, her tutorials clear and easy to follow.

In addition to Youtube, you can find Rose Nocturnalia on Instagram and her blog.

Lovely Lor

 Lovely Lor has been making Youtube videos for the lolita community since 2013. Her style and wardrobe are unmistakable and its always a delight to see her coordinate in each video. Her channels has hours of archives and its easy to get lost in her myriad playlists. Transformation videos, make-up tutorials, lookbooks, convention reviews, advice, how tos, memes, Lor has done it all. Lor definitely has the highest production quality of any Youtuber on this list. Her image and sound quality are fantastic. It comes as no surprise that Lor formally studied film. Her experience both in creating and editing her videos is evident.

The most unique feature on Lor’s channel is her “reacts to” series. With her background in film, Lor watches and critiques documentaries that feature lolita fashion. She breaks down how and why filmmakers create the works she watches. Beyond just presenting her opinion about the films, Lor equips her viewers to take what she says and apply it to other media.

 Perhaps the most consistent part of the channel is Lor’s relentless positivity. Lor seems optimistic rather than naïve (she doesn’t shy away from tough topics when she needs to).  Her attitude seems like a conscious choice when it would often be easy to be pessimistic or dismissive. Lor’s channel seems based around the hope that with each video, she is ensuring that world can “stay lovely.” 

In addition to Youtube, you can find Lovely Lor on Instagram, Facebook, and Patreon.

Magicalgirlme (Callista)

Callista aka Magicalgirlme has a series of great unboxing and review videos that feature lolita brands. Callista’s videos seem rehearsed without seeming too scripted (there are moments of joy in her unboxing of her Cotton Candy Feet video that were so cute and genuine). Callista also address her concerns about sizing and fit as a plus size lolita in her reviews. She is honest about the challenges that she faces while also offering tips and solutions to the problems she has encountered. Her two part series “Plus Size Lolita Crash Course” is a particularly good watch.

In addition to Youtube, you can find MagicalGirlMe on her website, Instagram, and Etsy.

Fluffy Kawaii Jo

Fluffy Kawai Jo is a Swiss lolita whose channel’s tagline is “Everyone can be kawaii.” Her videos range from unboxing to interviews to vlogs of events she attends all over the world. Host Joëlle is also a designer in her own right, and her videos also features items from her clothing brand FluffyTori.

The most interesting videos on Fluffy Kawaii Jo’s channel are her “Action Lolita” videos which feature Joëlle participating in some unusual activities while wearing lolita. While I don’t know that its advisable to try those activities at home, Action Lolita does show lolitas out in the wild and underlines how this fashion can be an everyday style, rather than something reserved solely for tea parties or conventions. I think that seeing lolita as a street fashion helps bolster Joëlle claim that “everyone can be kawaii”.  

It is also worth noting that Fluffy Kawai Jo also has a French channel. Since I don’t speak French I can’t really say anything about those videos. Hopefully a French speaking lolita can review that channel too!

In addition to Youtube, you can find Fluffy Kawaii Jo on her website, Instagram, and Patreon.

Lou Graves

Lou Graves creates content revolving around ouji fashion, the masculine counterpart to lolita. His video “What is ouji fashion?” is a fantastic primer to the style with reference to historical roots as well as its current incarnations. Graves’ channel features make-up tutorials, fashion DIYs (including a very interesting video about altering lolita skirts into ouji pieces), unboxing and reviews of lolita and ouji fashion pieces. Even you don’t wear ouji, this channel is great for gothic, classic, and aristocrat fans. I love the background music that Graves features in his videos, and I found myself leaving the videos on in the background while I did other work because I found it soothing.

Graves also has a greyhound named Silver who is often lounging in the background of videos, so keep an eye out for a very good doggo on this channel. 

In addition to Youtube, you can find Lou Graves on Instagram, Facebook, and Patreon.


I hope you found a new favorite channel or spent some time revisting an old favorite. If there are other Youtubers you think are cool, please let me know! I love finding new content.

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