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My 2020’s wardrobe


January is wardrobe season, so let’s share our favourite pieces with the community!
In the past we’ve posted here on Wunderwelt Libre some tips on how to build your own Capsule Wardrobe and the Importance of Planning your pieces, so take advantage of that new info and let’ build a nice and cohesive wardrobe!

Photographing your pieces

A quick tip before I show my pieces: if you want to post your wardrobe, consider getting a clean background. Good lighting also makes a huge difference on your presentation, so search or the best spot to photograph your pieces!

My Wardrobe for 2020

So, without further ado, I present you my small wardrobe! You may check the full post with Portuguese explanation of each piece at my blog.

Angelic Pretty x BTSSB

Ecailles de Lune x Moitie

Moitie x Larme D’anges

Juliette et Justine x Handmade

Bodyline x Victorian Maiden

Handmade x Moitie

Moitie x Moitie

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