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Travelling in Lolita and How to Do It


Whilst travelling, especially international, will remain a dream for some time to come, who can stop us from dreaming? If planning a trip, real in the distant future or hypothetical, makes you happy then do it! For many wearing lolita to cute travel destinations is the dream and we plan outfits to match the locations. But should you pack your precious lolita… or should you wear it instead? Let’s talk about that!


Pros of Travelling in Lolita

As both an avid traveller and a frequent lolita wearer, I’m no stranger to wearing my petticoat for the journey. I even have some items that have been to multiple countries already that I plan to take to many more! By car, by train or by plane, I will happily wear lolita for any of those trips.


The biggest advantage of wearing lolita whilst travelling is not having to figure out how to pack a petticoat. Even though a good petticoat is usually fine to be squished, it’s so much nicer to have that suitcase space for other things. If your trip happens during colder weather, a petticoat will also keep you toasty thanks to the multiple layers.


Depending on your comfort levels, this is also a good option for the paranoid travellers. Lolita fashion is expensive, so it’s understandable that you’d worry about things like losing your luggage. Travel insurance is one thing, but true peace of mind is another. Wearing lolita will attract more attention, but ensures that you know where your precious brand is.


Lastly, if you’re travelling with others, wearing lolita ensures that you are hard to lose. Train stations and airports can get crowded, making it easier to accidentally separate from your companions. But if you wear something that stands out this much, they will spot you in the crowd sooner. And if they can’t find you, the staff are bound to notice a person with a poofy skirt.


travelling in lolita pros

This is my go-to skirt for travelling. So far it’s been to 7 countires already and it would’ve made it to 9 had Covid-19 not happened.


Cons of Travelling in Lolita

If lolita and travel were all positives, we’d have more people doing it, and sadly nothing in life is perfect.


For one, if you aren’t used to attracting attention when in lolita, wearing frills for the trip may be too much. And that’s ok. Travelling can be stressful and overwhelming enough as is, so it’s ok to want to wear something less flashy. Moreover, the prospect of accidental during the journey might be too stressful for many. Better pack your dress and know that it’s safe than worry over whether it will snag or stain.


More importantly, travelling is often pretty tiring. Even the most comfortable modes of transport take a physical toll on our bodies. Lolia’s multiple layers will make it harder on you and for long journeys it’s better stick to comfortable things. After all, the goal is to have a cute outfit at your destination, not at the airport or train station.


travelling cons

If you desperately want to be cute when travelling, but not wear lolita – consider ouji as an alternative!


Tips for Travelling in Lolita

For those of you who decide that donning frills for the trip is a good idea, here are some tips from my own experience.

  • Choose a petticoat over a hoop skirt. Hoop skirts are great when you need volume or a breeze in hot weather, but not when travelling. A petticoat can be squished to allow you to move past people without imposing. You can also tuck it under yourself when sitting down to be a more considerate traveller.
  • Pick sturdy pieces. Travelling is stressful enough already and you don’t want any extra worries. Pick a piece that you know you can repair or clean easily. Most lolitas would suggest cheaper pieces here, but a good quality item will be made to last. Inthe end go with whatever you will worry about less.
  • Prioritise comfort. The less additional strain you put on yourself the better. Pieces with plenty of shirring or that are cut loose will work great. Consider fabric choices: cotton is sturdy and breathable, but if it is cold maybe corduroy would be better. The fewer layers you wear, the easier it will be for you to move in. Don’t forget that you still have to carry your own luggage!
  • Keep accessories to a minimum. This ties in with the previous point. Opting for fewer and smaller accessories means more comfort and less stress over losing or breaking something. Go with as little jewellery as possible and pick hair ties and securely pinned berets for your head over headbows.
  • Choose practical shoes. Again, now is not the time for a fashion walk. It’s ok to skip the tea parties for sneakers or boots, especially if your trip involves a lot of walking. Try to create a travelling coord around your shoes or boots for a fun exercise!
  • Stick to more muted colours. This one is optional. The advantage of darker, muted colours when travelling is that you will attract less unwanted attention. And if a stain accident were to happen, it should be less obvious on a darker piece than a lighter one. But as long as you are happy and comfortable in your travelling outfit, the colours don’t matter that much.


Travel Lolita Outfit Examples

My preference for travelling in lolita is to pick a skirt. The one I use is lightweight and goes well with a lot of my clothes, both lolita and other ones. A skirt can be paired with a hoodie or a T-shirt to keep you comfortable and weather-appropriate. Often those are also really cute casual lolita outfits. Once you become comfortable coordinating skirts, you’ll be able to pack a change of blouse and legwear to switch from travel comfort to cute sightseeing.


travelling in a skirt

A hoodie and a fully shirred skirt will be the ultimate comfort combo for travelling. Sticking to common patterns like gingham will keep your coord cute yet inconspicuous. The skirt is from Shirley Temple, the cutsew parka and the bag are from Angelic Pretty, the boots and headband are from Milk, and the tights are from Q-Pot.


Another option is to go for an OP. Again, fewer layers make for more comfortable journey, and you can easily add an outer piece for warmth if necessary. With an OP you have the added comfort of one thing fewer to plan since your coordinate is practically ready. If your trip involves an early start, you will be grateful to only have to put on one item instead of the usual layers of lolita fashion. And why not consider a cutsew OP like the hoodie ones that Angelic Pretty has been releasing recently? Those are the ultimate marriage of comfort and cuteness, perfect for travelling.


travelling in an op

This OP has a loose cut which would be very comfortable during travelling. Although the colours are dark, the all-over print is still fun and navy blue pairs great with wine red! The OP is from Angelic Pretty, the boots are from Metamorphose, the bag is from Innocent World, the beret is from Alice and the Pirates, and the tights are from Atelier 17.


Final words

Travelling in lolita is certainly not for everyone, or indeed not for every occasion. Once you are ready to plan the trip, you will assess yourself what is viable and what isn’t. Until then you can simply think about potential travelling outfits when browsing websites such as Wunderwelt for new acquisitions.

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