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3 coordinates for back to school season


Its officially September, which means that school has begun for many people. To celebrate back to school season, here are three coordinates you can buy right now on Wunderwelt. 

All items were in stock at the time of posting (09/10/2020) but some have limited availability.

Back to (Old School)

Coordinate Run Down

One Piece and Bolero by Emily Temple Cute

Straw Hat by Leur Getter

Socks and barrette by Angelic Pretty

Cuff and purse by Milk

This Emily Temple Cute OP is a cute dress that would would be adorable for a first day of school coordinate. Keeping that in mind, I created a simple, casual coordinate that wouldn’t be too cumbersome to wear for a day in a desk. The striped socks add a touch of whimsy, but you could easily swap them out for crew or ankle socks if you wanted something more subtle. In the same vein, the straw hat may run up against school dress codes, so you could just got with the blue bow barrette instead.

Wizard School

Coordinate rundown

Jumperskirt by Violet Fane

Blouse by Innocent World

Beret, earrings, and necklace by Surface Spell

Ring by Sheglit

Purse by Metamorphose

Boots by Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Socks by Moi Meme Moite

Violet Fane’s Wizard School JSK is a fantastic print inspired by the Harry Potter series. The huge collar is a great statement piece. I opted for a high neck blouse from Innocent World that didn’t distract from it. The Surface Spell beret with its emblem works so well with the print and theme, and matches surprisingly well. The accessories are all red and gold to pick up the details of the print. I finished it off with a huge bag from Metamorphose so you can carry around your notebooks, quills, cauldron, etc.

On a related note, if you enjoyed the Harry Potter series and are struggling with its author’s damaging comments about the trans* community, consider supporting the Trevor Project or the Harry Potter Alliance, both of whom definitely embody the ideals the characters in the books strove for.

College Kei

Coordinate rundown

Skirt by Victorian Maiden

Sweater by Jane Marple

Beanie by Milk

Blouse by Baby the Star Shine Bright

Necklace by Echantic Echantilly

Socks and Ring by Moi Meme Moite

Purse by Innocent World

Shoes by Alice and the Pirates

This coordinate is pretty experimental, but I kind of want to try making something like this now. I was inspired by 50s/varsity aesthetics. Normally I wouldn’t recommend wearing a long sleeve sweater with ankle socks, but the saddle shoes with short socks definitely looks like it would work with a poodle skirt. If its actually cold where you live, swap the crew socks for slouchy ankle socks or layer the socks over plain white tights. I added the Moite ring because it looked like a class ring. Top it off with the Jane Marple beanie and the emblem bag and you’re ready to take your place at your new university.

Hope that this inspires you to create some cute coordinates for your back to school season.

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