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Autumn Lolita Meet-ups

Autumn Lolita Meet-ups

by milkcircus


Autumn is the season I look forward to the most. Trees turn from green to yellow to red and some of the views are just breath-taking. Autumn is a very short & special season here before the last call into winter. It’s great to dress up, go out, and spend some time with friends during one of the loveliest times of the year. Normally, I spend my spare time thinking of fun events I can help organize in my local community and this autumn is no exception. But, what can you do in the autumn that you just can’t do during the rest of the year? This article will explore the types of autumn meet-ups you can do with your local Lolita community before the last leaf falls.


Halloween Party 🎃

See if someone in your community is willing to volunteer their house for a Halloween party! Planning a Halloween party has a lot of benefits because you get a large area of control. You can put up decorations, organize a potluck, arrange spooky snacks and treats, or plan a Halloween themed photo booth to help each other get excellent coordinate photos. This year, I’ll be helping plan a Halloween party for my local community!


I’ve gathered some objects for a spooky-themed props for a photo booth!


A cake I helped decorate for a Halloween party!



Cemetery Tour 

It’s not uncommon for cemeteries, especially large tourist based ones, to plan walking tours of the cemetery grounds during the month of October. If there’s a local cemetery event near you, plan a meet for it. Dress in Lolita and visit the graves of the dearly departed or be spooked on a theatrical tour! Some cities have historical cemeteries that host famous historical figures so you’d be amazed at the people resting beneath your feet.


Source: Public Domain



Museum 🖼️

Some museums host Halloween based events such as special exhibits or entertainment. Spooky paintings, sculptures, and artwork are a great attraction that can also help foster in-depth conversation among you and your friends. Themed museums also work! If there’s a specific type of museum about a singular topic, you and your community can dress to match. If there’s a local museum in your town, find out if there’s any events going on that could foster a group outing!


I went to a Carousel Museum with my comm earlier this year!



Nature Walk 🍂

This is the time where trees will begin changing their colors so what better way to spend the time than to take a walk through nature? The surroundings would make for great photo-opts. Also, walks create the wonderful opportunity to catch some fresh air, exercise, and peace of mind. Find a local public park near you and bask in the atmosphere with a group!



Maybe you’ll come across a public canopy for photos


Source: mintymerry on Instagram



Apple Picking 🍎

Autumn is a beautiful season and nothing comes close to the activity of apple picking! You can research local apples farms and find out their guidelines. If they have apple-picking events or if it’s open to the public, plan out a trip to the farm dressed in Lolita. My friend and her local comm recently had an apple picking event and you can tell they had a lot of fun!


Source: mintymerry on Instagram


Source: mintymerry on Instagram



What Else?

These are all events often seasonal to fall but what if you live in a place that doesn’t experience the “traditional” autumn? No problem! Here’s a fall seasonal activity you can do regardless of the weather!


Farmers’ Market/Craft Festival 🌽

A farmers’ market has lots of fresh fall vegetables! You could go with your community for some shopping and potentially plan a later potluck where everyone Craft festivals often come bundled with farmers’ markets, and you can find a sorts of unique jewelry for Lolita fashion while being able to support independent artists and businesses. Craft festivals can be seasonal so be sure to check if there’s one happening near you!


Source: mintymerry on Instagram

Source: mintymerry on Instagram



I hope this article has helped give you ideas for things you can do this lovely autumn! Please enjoy it while it lasts! ^_^


Thanks for reading! Special thanks to my friend mintymerry for letting me use pictures from her autumn meet-up with her comm!

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