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Confidence and Lolita Fashion

Although this is a topic that has been covered a couple of times on YouTube, I haven’t seen it covered in a blog format before. So I’m going to give this a go! Just keep in mind that this is just meant to be a bit of tips from the perspective of one person–other people’s ways of gaining confidence in the fashion may differ–you may or may not agree with my approaches, but I hope there’s a few bits of advice that are helpful!

Lolita Fashion is Usually An Out of the Norm Style (And That’s Okay!): 

I have been in the fashion for a few years and have noticed that sometimes people can feel a little nervous when they are first starting out. Sometimes I get a little nervous myself while wearing the fashion, as it is something that is out of the norm. After a few years wearing the fashion, I’ve come to terms with wearing something that is a little extraordinary and out there. Realizing that you are wearing something outside of “normal” clothing and acknowledging it may seem counter intuitive, but it the first step to gaining a bit of confidence. When I’m in the fashion and someone asks why I’m dressed the way I am, sometimes I just use humor and agree with them, but also explain why I occasionally dress the way I do.

You can Dive Right into the fashion or Go Little by Little:

I’ll explain this one. I find that it’s best to either slowly incorporate Lolita pieces overtime until you make a full outfit, or just put on an outfit all at once. You do not necessarily have to go outside in public while wearing the fashion. I usually wear the fashion in my room.

When in public, Try to go in Groups:

I like going in groups when in the fashion in public, as I notice that people tend to build on confidence and encourage each other in a group setting. As a plus, you also have people with the same interest(s) as you nearby that you can chat with!

Thanks for reading!

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I was inspired to make this post by YouTuber Princess Peachie’s videos–I recommend checking it out, as well!

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