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Christmas Meetup Ideas


Christmas is a time when we come together and socialise more with our family and friends. Many comms have made the International Lolita Day meetup their Christmas one as well, making more time for non-Lolita gatherings. But if you feel like your comm could squeeze an extra meet or would like to have a small gathering with your friends, give some of these ideas a go.


Christmas Meal Meet

One of the easiest options is to go out for a Christmas meal. Many places will now be fully booked, but if you’re a small party you may still find some last minute spaces. Any country that celebrates Christmas – and even some that don’t – will have a variety of meal options. Whether you want to do something traditional or something more Lolita-esque (themed afternoon tea maybe?), few things bring people together as well as food does. And remember to wear plenty of shirring!


Christmas Cards Meet

Very easy and cheap to organise, this is great for crafty people. Host it at your house, find a local community space or even go to a quieter pub or restaurant. Whether you decide to give the cards to each other as Lolita Valentines or to other people in your life, they will bring lots of smiles around. Or substitute cards for decorations or accessories, if you’d rather. Any festive-themed craft meetup will work. And who said that you can’t craft and eat at the same time? Just make sure the snacks are non-messy and away from the glitter glue.

Or craft something else for them!

A handmade Christmas card will make your loved ones feel extra special.


Christmas Market Meet

If you’re lucky enough to have one in your local area, why not make it into a fancy outing? Christmas markets are usually bursting with things to do, see and eat, which should satisfy most of your attendees. And they make for wonderful and festive outfit shot backgrounds! This is also a good opportunity for some very last minute shopping for presents, if you haven’t yet finished yours. Having a fellow Lolita to help you pick a good present will make it feel less intimidating. But even if you spent all your Christmas budget already, a simple wander between the stalls will feel festive.


Christmas Food Making Meet

This is bringing a crafty meet to another, more edible level. As long as you can secure access to a kitchen, there are all kinds of recipes to try out! Have a go at baking and decorating festive treats or practice the savoury food you wanted to serve at your Christmas meal. See how many kinds of drinks can be mulled or experiment in Chistmassifying hot chocolate. The sky is the limit, so have fun with it. Wearing aprons or machine washable coords is highly recommended.

Christmas cookies

Christmas cookies, too pretty to eat, to tasty to leave.


Christmas Presents Big Wrap Up Meet

For those organised enough to have already done all their gift shopping, why not help each other out with wrapping? Lolitas have a reputation for knowing how to tie a pretty bow, but the reality doesn’t always match. With your combined strengths you could create truly beautifully wrapped presents and learn some new gift-wrapping skills. After that yours are bound to be the prettiest presents under the Christmas tree!


Christmas Film Meet

Especially if you’re in the Northern hemisphere, where Christmas is accompanied by cold weather, you want to be cosy and indoors. Watching a favourite winter classic would be a relaxing way to spend time with your Lolita friends. For larger groups in bigger cities, consider hiring out a local indie cinema for extra fancy points. Although could that really beat the good old sofa, hot drinks and cosy slippers? Either way, share your favourites between each other or try something none of you has seen. And if you can’t agree on a themed film, pick something you all like and start a new tradition – Kamikaze Girls, anyone?

At cinema or at home, both can be wonderfully festive

Do you have a film that you have to watch every Christmas or else it doesn’t feel the same?


Have you noticed how almost all of these are things you could do at any time of the year? It’s because it really is that easy to organise a Christmas meetup. Do what you think your comm or friends would enjoy and simply add a festive twist to it. We wish you a peaceful and joyful time, regardless of whether you celebrate, and post your coords to Alice Holic.

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