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Posing Tips Series Index

I know there’s been a lot of information coming your way recently, so I thought I’d throw together a quick index for you to bookmark for easy reference later, instead of having to browse around and hunt for the specific post you need. Below, I’ve posted quick descriptions with links to each post in hopes that it’ll help keep you at least a little bit organized.

Individual Posing Tips—Part I: Top 6 Things to Remember

This post covers the very basics of posing and the top 6 most common things that I fix. These are the big things—so if you read only one of these posts, read this one!

Parallelism: Imani Kibble, Bree Love, Stevie Quinlan


Individual Posing Tips—Part II: Feminine Posing

If you’re into posing in a feminine way, this is the post for you. Its covers top things to remember when posing in dresses and/or when presenting feminine in a photoshoot.

Brittanie Matejowsky, Harley Maldonado, Aito-san (Royal Princess Alice), Lainey White


Individual Posing Tips—Part III: Masculine Posing

Like the Feminine post, the Masculine post covers the top issues I face when taking photos of people who choose to present masculine. This includes head tilting, leaning, hunching, confidence, and more!

Kal Frenzel


Individual Posing Tweaks Part I—Part IV

This post covers common tweaks I make when posing anyone—such as chin position, eye position, etc!

Awareness: Eugenia Salinas (Baby the Stars Shine Bright), Sally Asbury (Puvithel), and @infantedefunte (IG) (I Do Declare)


Individual Posing Tweaks Part II—Part V

More tweaks that cover head, hands, and feet.

Sally Asbury


Individual Posing Tips—Part VI: The Closeups

Time for your closeup! This post covers some basics to help you nail your next closeup shot.

Lauren Addington


Individual Posing Tips—Part VII: Problem Area Solutions for the Self Conscious

Some quick tips on how to target your problem areas.

Oni-Con 2018 | Models: Ba Bouth-Ly and Harley Maldonado for SEX POT ReVeNGe, Ash Alonzo-Wood for Royal Princess Alice


Posing for Brands—Part I: Fashion Shows and Onstage

Best practices for fashion shows and tips for a good general onstage modeling presence.

I Do Declare: unknown | Stevie Quinlan | Bio Politics: Meci Johnson


Posing for Brands—Part II: Posing When Your Outfit Doesn’t Suit You

You’ve been chosen to pose in a mini dress for your next fashion show—problem is, you’re 6 ft tall. What now?

Models: unknown and unknown, Amye Cortiaus, unknown | Houston J-Fest 2016


Posing for Brands—Part III: Offstage Modeling to Sell

When a brand hires or sponsors you (or when you’re trying to get their attention), do them justice.

Susan Ly Johnson, Sakurako Hoshina, Candy Henderson, Ann Nguyen


Posing for Brands—Part IV: Branding Yourself and Modeling When You Are the Brand

You’re not hired—your promoting you! How do you start selling yourself?

Sally Asbury | Ba Bouth-Ly | Chey Skye for Ota-Q


Posing Tips—Posing According to Fashion Type

You wouldn’t pose for Baby, the Stars Shine Bright like you would for h.Naoto, would you?

Katie Morrow. Image via Kuroshiro Kawaii


Group Posing: Basic Tips

Group photos aren’t always a walk in the park.

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright: unknown and Grace De Block | Puvithel: unknown and unknown | Ota-Q: Chey Skye and Eevee Cauliflower

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