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Summer Coords for under $150


Are you in the middle of a heatwave too? Many of us ditch wearing lolita completely when it gets hot. The layers aren’t the most comfortable and not everyone has pieces appropriate for hot weather. But after reading many guides to surviving summer in lolita you may want to live out your fantasy, maybe even decided to get some pieces just for that season. If that sounds like you, here are some summer-appropriate coordinates, all under $150 courtesy of Wunderwelt! All prices are as displayed on individual listings and correct as of July 3rd. If you’re new to lolita and want any of these coordinates, budget another $50 for Wunderwelt’s amazingly fluffy petticoat and you’re good to go!


Summer Goth

Spare a thought for your Goth friends this summer as they try to avoid melting. White Gothic look is a viable alternative, but can be tricky to put together well. Best thing might be to arm yourself in some breezy OPs for the summer. Moi-meme-Moitie recently re-released several designs that will work for summer like Neo-Gothic Arch or Juliette. However, if your budget is less Mana-sama and more money saver, why not try this outfit? The cotton fabric of the OP will keep you cool, while the large headdress could also protect your head from the sun. Swap the shoes for a pair of rocking horse shoes for a more oldschool. Black parasol for extra shade optional!

summer coord for Gothic lolita

Total cost = $141.17. OP ($65.59) and socks ($25.33) from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, headdress ($20.74) from Metamorphose temps the fille and shoes ($29.51) from Black Peace Now.


Sweet Summer

Bright colours evoke sunshine and happy memories, making Sweet lolita perfect for summer. A skirt and a cutsew is a breezy way of wearing a pastel outfit whilst minimising the number of layers. You may even find some cute cutsews offbrand if you’re very lucky, saving you some extra money. Even if you don’t wear skirts in lolita too often, you could use them in casual outfits since they often work well without a petticoat. Pink socks would look much more balanced, however, you may need to get those elsewhere.

summer coord for Sweet lolita

Total pricce = $149.35. Skirt ($27.05), headbow ($20.74) and socks ($25.33) from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, cutsew ($40.49) and shoes ($36.01) from Angelic Pretty.


Summer Classic

Although many guides will tell you to avoid JSKs in the summer, you don’t have to wear multiple layers with them. Swap a blouse for a lacy cape or bolero to keep your shoulders covered. If you’re particularly partial to blouseless coords, consider a halter neck cut. Those will add a 1950’s twist to your cute summer outfit. If you opt to cover your shoulders, you may allow yourself the comfort of barer legs, which can look more mature in Classic lolita. In that case use talcum powder in your shoes to keep your feet dry.

summer coord for Classic lolita

Total price = $148.95. Jumperskirt ($49.72), headbow ($18.93) and shoes ($45.01) from Innocent World, bolero ($35.29) from Emily Temple Cute.


What is your go-to summer lolita look? Any favourite tips on surviving the heat in frills? If you’re inspired by these, make sure to upload your summer coordinates to Alice Holic!


* All items available for purchase as of July 3rd. Availability after that date is not guaranteed.

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