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How to survive the summer wearing Lolita Fashion?

Lolita Fashion on Summer

February means summer and continuous heat waves here in Brazil (not that the rest of the year is actually different), so learning how to survive this marvelous weather is a must when wearing Lolita Fashion.

Want some tips on how to keep yourself from melting under layers and layers of clothing? Want to discover how to survive under a clear blue sky with over 40°C in the morning? So let’s go with some tips:

Keeping the rules of Lolita Fashion

Lolita Fashion has its own silhouette and we should not forget it. Altering your coords for summer does not mean that we will be breaking rules, but instead we’ll be using them to make something fit for your weather.

Less is better when the topic is Summer, of course, so choosing a casual outfit instead of an OTT is pretty obvious here. The traditional combo of blouse + JSK + cardigan won’t help you at all, so let’s check some alternatives we have for a fresh coord:

The best combo

When making a Lolita Coord we usually have three main options:

  • Blouse + JSK/Salopette
  • Blouse + Skirt
  • One Piece

Of course you’re free to experiment with more, but I guess these are the most common to be found nowadays.

Your choice for summer may depend on a series of factors, but the fresher I’ve found is the combo of blouse + skirt. I’ll talk about materials later, but combining a chiffon light blouse with a cotton skirt has allowed me to endure continuous heat waves before.

Another great option is to wear a JSK without a blouse, putting a bolero over it to protect your shoulders. Some may not find it a pleasurable option, but well, it does wonders in summer.

Here’s an example of a casual coord perfect for summer! Rundown: Bolero is Black Peace Now || JSK is Emily Temple Cute (it’s so cute it’s on my wishlist!) || Necklace is MILK || Shoes are Innocent World.

Attention with the petti!

You may not believe this, but your petticoat may be heavily responsible for your comfort on hot days. If you can, avoid very large and synthetic pettis and keep those made of cotton.

If you feel like ditching it, go for dresses that have built-in petticoats in it’s linings. Juliette et Justine, for example, has a lot of dresses that can sit perfectly fine within it’s silhouette even when not wearing skirts under it.

Avoid wigs

Unless you really need a wig, try to always wear your natural hair during the summer! Wigs will insulate your head and prevent it from breathing. The sweat and temperature may leave you uncomfortable on hot days, so be careful!

Take advantage of the temperature to experiment new up-dos! Braided tiaras, buns and pig tails work just fine for a lot of styles, so mix them with your accessories and make something that’ll match your coord.

Socks or Tights?

This is probably one of the most important things when preparing your summer coords. Ditch tights and OTKs if you can and try wearing small socks. If you feel embarrassed for not covering your whole leg, maybe you could try a laced tight instead.

Additionally, try going for open heels! High boots and leather shoes are a no-no during summer.

Choosing the right fabric

Now, the fabric of your dress / skirt / blouse is of vital importance! Velvet, velveteen, oxford and most types of synthetic fabrics must be forgotten on hot days.

On the other hand, light cotton, chiffon, silk, linen, lace and eyelet fabric (made of cotton) are the best for this season.

Choose something that will let your skin breath and won’t retain sweat on your body. Here are two dresses that could work on hot days:

マシェリジャンパースカート from BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT is a great choice for summer!

白レースワンピース from BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT also works fine!

Summer essentials

Before finishing this post, let’s go over some tips for those of you who want to wear Lolita Fashion during summer.

First of all: stay hydrated. Drink a lot of water and carry a cold bottle with you. It’s very important to pay attention to this to avoid  overheating.

Now, let’s see some other items that might help you:

1. Sunscreen is very important, don’t forget it!;

2. A parasol might keep you from overheating or getting sunburn;

3. Fancy Fans are a perfect match for Lolita Fashion, so try carrying your around;

4. I’m not a fan of Cutsews, but they’re very practical, specially for Sweet Lolitas! Consider getting some for daily usage;

5. Sunglasses will surely help standing the strong light of summer.

Lolita Fashion may scare some during hot days, but don’t forget that’s perfectly possible to wear it during the long weeks of summer. Are you ready to try it?

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