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The Underrated Colors of Lolita Fashion

J-fashion is known to be quite colorful all around, but there are two colors in particular that, in my experience, not many people go for. One of these colors (see below) can be gorgeous, but there’s a reason that it’s mostly used in punk or visual fashions. The other, I’ll be honest, I’m not sure why it isn’t more loved!


Everyone knows lolitas in pastel, black, white, jewel tones like bordeaux and navy. But what about others like green? What about GREEN!

When I first started in the fashion, I was obsessed with greens. Green and gold, green and silver, dark green, forest green, any green I could get my hands on. I loved the gentle vibrancy of the colors and how well they went with black and other jewel tones. And yet, really the only time green comes on the menu is for seasonal coords—St. Patrick’s Day or Christmas. Where is it the rest of the year? WHY IS EVERYONE SLEEPING ON GREEN?

It’s pretty rare for brands to release green colorways of things, but occasionally they do pop up—but they don’t sell? Even though it’s difficult to find a good shade of green, I’m curious why, since there are so many breathtaking pieces out there. Why do brands make green pieces in odd green shades?

The other day, I decided to take on the challenge of pairing my green Putumayo set with navy blue—creating a real coord without relying on black so much. I managed to do it, and I’m pretty proud of it still. I was told in the comments on Instagram that it was a “bold choice” and that people would have never thought to pair the green with the blue.

It might seem like an odd decision, but to be honest, pairing green with other colors has done before by brands like Angelic Pretty and Alice and the Pirates. And they look good! (“Good” colorways are subjective, of course.)


Angelic Pretty Rosette Collection JSK. Alice and the Pirates L’ecrin de votre gauche JSK. Metamorphose Musical Cat Bustle Pinafore Dress.


Angelic Pretty Mercator Antique Shop Long JSK (2017). H&I lolita Heather & Iris ~ Merry Candy Bear JSK. Metamorphose Secret Library Bustle Pinafore JSK.

One of my first brand pieces was the Alice and the Pirates Regimental Stripe Salopette in green. I loved it because the stripes were subtly different colors, and I would be able to coordinate it with so many different colored blouses and it wouldn’t look too holiday-y. I didn’t ever get to wear it, though, since at the time even the men’s size was too small. Both my first dress and my first skirt were in green as well! It’s safe to say green is a color close to my heart at this point.

Anyways, here’s some of my favorite pieces in green!

Angelic Pretty Holiday Collection Blouse. Haenuli Sorcerer’s Owl in Refuge JSK. Alice and the Pirates Regimental Stripe Salopette.


Moonlight Forest Griffin’s Whisper JSK. Moi-même-Moitié Blouse with Stripe Jabot. Strawberry Witch The Gold and Silver Tree of Starlight Skirt.


Jewel purple—not lavender—is a difficult color that has been rising in popularity recently. In Japanese culture, the color purple is associated with evil—which is why you don’t see many true dark purple colorways in lolita or ouji fashions, but it’s quite prominent in punk clothing like Hellcat Punks and SEX POT ReVeNGe. There are, however, a few beautiful pieces using these colors. If you’re looking to put more of this color in your wardrobe, hopefully this will help you find some things you like!

Here’s some purple pieces that I enjoy!

Alice and the Pirates, Night of the Devil’s Castle JSK I. Snow White’s Patchwork Apples JSK II, Secret Hospital for Dolls ~It’s Me Who Heals You~ JSK I, Alice and the Pirates


Millefleurs Basque Corset Dress III (rose jacquard). Alice and the Pirates Gathered Chiffon JSK Set Yokohama. Putumayo Back Ribbon OP.


Alice and the Pirates Rosy Night’s Masquerade JSK I. Metamorphose Pintuck Tiered Pinafore JSK (2014 2nd Release). Innocent World Moonlit Walk Just Waist JSK.


Alice and the Pirates Shiny Drop Blouse. Metamorphose Satin Back Shantung Lace Up JSK. Alice and the Pirates Rose Chiffon Blouse.


Sheglit Shadow Stripe Satin Blouse (2017). Enchantlic Enchantilly Thorn Princess Over Knee Socks. Metamorphose High Collar Front Frill Blouse (Satin Finish Fabric).


What are some of your favorite unappreciated colors? Drop me a DM on Instagram at @kaldec_

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