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Strike a Pose Event Report Day 2


On Sunday, September 29th, Summer Tales Boutique’s event Strike a Pose moved to a more typically lolita looking venue. Together with special guests, Triple Fortune, Lady Sloth and Violet Fane, we have spent the day at Kaastel Maurick. And as this was the tea party day, the typically more relaxed one, all attendees have stepped up their coordinate game! make sure to read about day 1 of the event first, if you haven’t already!


Whilst the weather continued to play tricks on everyone, those arriving early have had a chance to explore some of the lovely grounds around the castle. It often serves as a wedding venue (including on the day of the tea party), which made for some beautiful photo opportunities. For those caught by rain, the inside also offered some beautiful spots, particularly once the eating area has opened.


Strike a Pose tp

A rare look behind the social media feeds of indie brands, featuring team from Lady Sloth.


All the vendors except Angelic Pretty continued to sell during the Sunday event as well. Whilst some brought out pieces they haven’t had the day before, this was mostly for the benefit of those who did not attend the Saturday event. Still, everyone had a chance to grab something, whether due to missing out on Saturday or no-buying regrets.


Strike a Pose day 2

Violet Fane’s items were all beautifully displayed and there was much more room to browse than on Day 1. Photograph by Liv Robroek.


Moreover, the shopping area was a good space to mingle while waiting for lunch. Photograph by Liv Robroek.


Instead of a traditional tea party spread the guests were treated to a delicious lunch. This was a good call: sandwiches together with a savoury pastry or salad and soup was more filling. And everyone needed that energy, both to enjoy the day and for some special activities later.


Strike a Pose event

Every table had a place mat, leaflets and a small accessory from Triple Fortune.


The food was as delicious as the event attendees looked beautiful. Photograph by Liv Robroek.


After taking the group photo Kaastel Maurick’s staff have reorganised the eating space in preparation for a very special activity. Strike a Pose featured a dance workshop with Jac Danst, who specialises in historical dances. However, this workshop had a modern twist in honour of the event’s theme. Mixing historical dances such as the menuet with vogueing, he has taught everyone a routine to Madonna’s Vogue. And just like the quiz on Saturday, this got everyone up on their feet and having some more active fun. Indeed, the workshop was very fun! Everyone smiled and laughed, and it didn’t matter how good one’s dancing skills were because the routine was simple enough for everyone to follow. If I could make a recommendation for future events, it’d be to include more activities like this!


Strike a Pose dance

Jac Danst ensure that everyone understood the steps before throwing everyone to practice. Photograph credit goes to Liv Robroek.


Strike a Pose dance workshop

And then came the vogueing part! Photograph credit goes to Liv Robroek.


dance workshop

Babi and Kaie from Triple Fortune leading the way to a procession of fabulous dancers. Photograph credit goes to Liv Robroek.


After another room reshuffle and a quick, though small dessert consisting of some coffee cake, it was time to wrap the event up. Just like the day before, a best dressed person was chosen, this time by Babi and Kaie. They explained that they loved seeing how the winner has balanced the large, Edwardian hat throughout their coordinate, which is not an easy thing to achieve. Then came the raffle and closing remarks, including handing gifts to the guests.


Babi and Kaie explained what they liked about their chosen coordinate.


However, it wasn’t just the guests who received a present. In an unexpected turn of events, Strike a Pose organisers have presented Katie, owner and designer of Summer Tales Boutique, with a special thank-you gift. They have worked together in secret to produce a book and a print of Summer Tales Boutique’s designs to thank Katie for the work she puts into the event and the Dutch lolita community. This was a very touching moment, made all the sweeter by being a genuine surprise to Katie, and we can’t wait to see where in her atelier she will display the print.


Strike a Pose end

As you can see, the emotions on Katie’s (2nd from the left) face are absolutely genuine. This was a very sweet gesture from the other event organisers.


Strike a Pose guests and organisers

And then all of the Strike a Pose guests and organisers bid us goodbye.


Thus the second Summer Tales Boutique event has finished, with smiles, happy attendees and some bittersweet goodbyes. The Dutch community was very welcoming and we are hoping that should there be another event, we’ll be able to attend that one too. If you think that you’d be able to go, make sure to keep an eye out for news by following Summer Tales Boutique on Facebook and Instagram. Meanwhile, if you’d like to read a more personal review of the event, you can find one on my blog.


Strike a Pose group photo

Thank you, Summer Tales Boutique, for this wonderful event. We all hope to visit The Netherlands again soon after such warm welcome! Photograph credit goes to Liv Robroek.

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