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Indie Brand Review: Tour New Soul



Tour New Soul is an LA based brand that produces lolita inspired clothing and accessories. The brand incorporates the influences of historical fashions with whimsical textiles. 

 I found TNS at a holiday pop-up shop in Sherman Oakes. The selection of items included brooches and hair accessories as well as a couple pieces of clothing. The vast majority of the hair accessories were mini hats that included elegant top hats, miniature crowns, and tri corner hats, but there was also a few bows with charms attached. I was particularly charmed by a top hat with printed dog fabric which the designer told me had been purchased from Japan.

Bows before Bros

 I ended up purchasing three items. The first item was a set of grosgrain bows with scissor charms attached. The bows are attached to sturdy alligator clips and these accessories seem like they will be a great addition to simple coordinates.

Deck the Halls

 I also purchased a one off item that was made for the holiday season: a green and burgundy ribbon brooch. The designer told me that she had been wavering between creating a laurel and a wreath and ended up making something in between the two. The brooch features three pins in the back to ensure that this large statement piece doesn’t rip a hole in your clothing. I love how big this piece is and it has been perfect for dressing up simple cardigans during December.

Summertime…and the living’s easy.

 The last piece is my favorite: a lovely cream colored mini boater trimmed with gold braided trim, fake flowers, and a grosgrain ribbon. The boater has two large alligator clips to secure it to your hair or a headband, and despite being a “mini” hat, it still stands out as focal point of a coordinate. I can’t wait to wear this when the weather warms up a little bit.

 I was extremely pleased with my three purchases. For the quality of materials and items offered, I thought the prices were reasonable. I’m also always happy to find a local vendor in my city. Tour New Soul can be found throughout conventions in Southern California and at their online webshop


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