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Themed Coordinates: the How To’s


Sometimes you want to wear something that little bit extra special. Maybe there’s a tea party coming up. Or maybe there is an interesting meetup theme ahead that you’d like to match. If this is your first time putting together a themed coordinate, it may be a little daunting. But after reading this you will know exactly what to do!


Deciding on a Theme

Let’s start from the beginning: first you must pick your theme. Sometimes that will be a simple and straightforward process. When a theme relates to a specific holiday or concept, like Christmas or marine, you will already know what to include. In other words, the simpler the concept, the easier it is to incorporate into a themed coordinate. And at other times the theme may be quite vague. This is often the case with big lolita events, as organisers aim to make these inclusive to all substyles of lolita fashion. In those cases, try to zoom in on a simpler related concept to create a themed outfit around that. Whatever the theme is, once you identify it, commit to a colour scheme and motifs you like. Once you have this, you can actually start building your themed coordinate.


Sometimes deciding on what theme to use in an outfit is the toughest decision to make.


Coordinates Using a Themed Dress

The easiest way to create a themed coordinate is if your dress already matches the theme. This will most often mean printed pieces, although not exclusively. With a bold themed print you need fewer accessories to pull that theme together. For example, if you were to do a marine coordinate, the dress print would do most of the talking. Afterwards you could leave it at just a few bits of jewellery to make the outfit more cohesive. This way allows you to keep the coordinate as simple or as OTT as you like, to match your style and the occasion.


themed print

When you have a printed main piece, your outfit will be themed even when it’s casual.


Adding a Theme to a Coordinate

This refers mostly to non-printed pieces or those with prints that can be themed in multiple ways. Let’s stick with the marine theme as our example. You could simply use blues and whites as your base colours. However, this is where accessories become crucial. Without sea-themed accessories all you have is a blue and white coordinate. Think about all kinds of pieces, both big and small. A seashell bag, starfish hair clips, anchor necklaces are just some of the things you could use. Consider whether your themed coordinate is more casual or OTT, and build from there. For example, a casual marine coordinate would only require a sailor collar blouse and a beret with a cute marine-themed pin. But for an OTT one you could craft a seashell crown or even create an overskirt to mimic fish scales. The world is your oyster, if you forgive my sticking with a marine-themed pun.


theme added

The fabric of this dress already looks like a dark ocean. Adding seashell-shaped pieces is all you need to add a theme.


How to Not Overdo a Themed Outfit?

That is the question. As lolitas we’re adamant that our coordinates are clothes, not costumes. On the other hand, these louder than life clothes allow for so much creative and artistic expression. The best way to make sure your themed outfit is not too much is to keep it fit for the occasion and venue. An OTT mermaid princess coordinate may be too extra if you’re just going out for bubble tea. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t wear an OTT mermaid princess coordinate to get bubble tea. Simply acknowledge that this themed outfit will attract more attention and more of the ‘are you in a play?’ type questions. So if you do wear it, put on your best smile with it and politely explain to people that you enjoy expressing yourself through clothes.


Have you ever put together a themed outfit? Where did you wear it? Make sure to share the pictures on Alice Holic – the best ones are regularly featured on Alice Holic Instagram too!


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