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How to wear j-fashion at a convention, amusement park, or other all day event


 In the US, con season is starting to get underway, with all the excitement and headaches that brings. It’s fun to show off for other j-fashion fans at these events, but you shouldn’t have to suffer to look kawaii. Here are some tips for making the most of your day while wearing lolita.  

Consider the occasion.

Lolita is fantastic because it covers a wide range of styles, from a cutsew and skirt to an haute couture gown that looks like it walked off the runway. At a convention, try to think about what you’re wearing and why. For a one day local convention, maybe leave your wig and scepter at home and opt for something cute and comfy. If you’re heading to an international meet-up with a Japanese brand tea party, it might be fun to do something over the top. I also prioritize dresses with pockets on days at conventions so I can have my phone handy all day.

This is the coordinate I wore to my “local” convention, Anime Expo. I didn’t bring a purse, just used my pockets to carry a snack, waterbottle, and phone with cards on the back.

If you’re headed to a theme park, be sure to think of what your coordinate will feel like if the weather changes unexpectedly or if you’re waiting in the sun for hours at a time. Build your coordinate accordingly. Pick a coordinate that features layers so you can adjust to your comfort level throughout the day. 

Try on everything before the date of the event.

Even if you don’t do a dry run of the entire coordinate, make sure you have tried on every piece and know everything fits. Nothing is worse than realizing that your shoes are too small or your blouse is missing a button while you’re wearing them. This goes for wigs, circle lenses, and make-up too. No one wants an allergic reaction at a fashion show. 

Create an emergency kit that fits into a pocket or purse.

Even with all the planning in the world, sometimes things don’t go the way we expect. Obviously, for major snafus, you’ll want to retreat to your car or hotel to fully take care of the problem, but an emergency kit can help you make it that far. Follow the girl scout motto and be prepared. 

Mini emergency kit.

Put together a kit to head off as many emergencies as you can. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but it’s a starting place that you can use to plan your own: bobby pins, hair tie, pain medication, bandaids, tissues, eye drops, contact lens case/solution, comb/brush, safety pins, double sided tape, nail file, lip balm, breath mints/gum, antacid tablet, tampon/pad. 

I always carry my charging phone case on long days. I stuck a sticky wallet to the back so I can have my ID, credit cards, and some cash handy all day.

Notice that most of these items are pretty small. Keep your kit to a manageable size so you can carry it with you. You don’t need your kit to fully save the day, you just need something so you can make it back to a car or hotel room.

Make sure you’re eating and drinking throughout the day.

Exciting events can sometimes make it hard to remember basic self care. Keep some portable snacks (granola bars or trail mix are great) or a small water bottle on hand so you make sure you can make it through the day. I also like collapsible water bottles that don’t take up much room when they aren’t full of water (plus they create less trash!).  If you’re starting to feel worn out, check in and see when you’ve last stopped to refuel.

My que expandable water bottle is perfect for conventions and theme parks. I clip it to my purse when its empty and carry it when its full.

Pack a change of clothes and shoes.

Chances are you don’t need to stay dressed up in your OTT coordinate all day. Having a pair of sneakers or flats in your bag is great for hitting the dealer’s hall after the tea party or for grabbing dinner with friends at night. At an amusement park, rent a locker and stash your stuff so you don’t have to carry it with you. If you’re at a convention, keep your change of clothes in your car or hotel room so you can ditch your heels after you get that coordinate snap.

Hopefully with these simple tips, you can relax and enjoy your big event!



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