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Must-Have Pieces for Spring 2020


Spring is upon us, which in many places means wardrobe reshuffles. However, not everywhere is guaranteed immediate warm weather and sunshine. So how to make sure you dress for spring and still prepare for anything? With these 3 must-have pieces!


A Parka for the Spring Chill

Those who know me know that I always advocate a cardigan or a bolero. But these can sometimes be too warm or too short. A parka is a great alternative that’ll work with lolita and non-lolita coordinates. It’s easy to throw on when a chilly spring wind picks up and light enough to pack or carry when you don’t need it anymore. And the hood can help keep your hair and hair accessories safer from the wind and rain. A cutsew cardigan is also a great option, if you don’t need the hood, but still require some protection.


spring parkas

Whatever your style or colour palette, there will be a parka for you.


A Beret for a Bit of Chic

Beret is a timeless classic in fashion, including lolita and kawaii fashions. These come in every colour and can be either decorated or plain. This spring a beret will not only add flair to your coordinate. It can keep your head warm, protect your hair from the weather and even double up as a pouch to store your jewellery in when you take it off at the end of the day. Of course, you will want to pin it in place if it’s windy to avoid losing it. Although some berets will have ribbons to tie under your chin, which help with that.


spring beret

A beret is tres chic all year round, not just in spring.


A Backpack for All Your Necessities

In some places spring means unpredictable weather. And unpredictable weather means you might have to pack more. A parka, a change of shoes, an umbrella, a body spray… Then add your usual necessities, like wallet, a bottle of water and makeup bag. You don’t have to suffer multiple bags if you get a cute backpack or a large 3-way bag. Something big enough to fit all you need doesn’t have to be ugly to stay practical. And if you opt for a 3-way bag, you will have more options on how to wear it. In case that particular spring meetup is guaranteed good weather.


pring backpack

Bring everything to the meet AND look cute whilst at it.


What are your spring must-have pieces? Is there anything that works particularly well for the weather in your area? Whatever you add, make sure it fits the rest of your lolita wardrobe.

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