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Quarantine: 4 lolita activities for you quarantine period


Since the beginning of this lock-down, many lolitas have been wondering how to keep their hobby alive. Today we’ll present you with 4 different lolita-related things you could do during this quarantine period: stay safe, enjoy the fashion and share your passion with the world!

1) Watch movies

Besides Kamikaze Girls, we’ve already suggested tons of movies for your frilly needs. Some strictly lolita-related movies would be Musashino-sen no Shimai,  Gothic & Lolita Psycho etc. But, if you’re fancying something pleasing to the eyes, check out these recommendations!

2) Host online meetings

Online meetings are a good idea to keep in touch with your comm friends! Try some alternatives such as Discord or Skype and do plan a nice time for yourself! You can choose a specific theme to discuss about, a movie to watch together, a video to react to et. Just try to enjoy it and share some laughs with your mates.

3) Organize your closet

Did you post your Lolita wardrobe on January? If not, take this opportunity to organize your pieces, post some for sale and photograph everything you decide to keep! you may even start some DIY projects to organize your closet…

4) Post online reviews

The lolita community is always hungry for reviews! So, try choosing your favourite pieces and review them for your comm: take some pics, discuss your favourite parts and show some alternatives for coording it! That’s the kind of content everyone wants to see, so post them anywhere you feel like!

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