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Lounging in Lolita: Cute and Comfortable Options


The majority of us are still diligently staying at home and waiting for the world to become safe(r) again. At this point even those who started this with the intentions of dressing up may have lost some motivation. And that’s ok! Lounging in something comfortable is just as valid as trying your craziest or fanciest outfits. But what if you could do both? There are certainly options if you look hard enough.


Lounging in Physical Drop

Kuniko Kato, the designer of Physical Drop, knows a thing or two about comfort. From common features like full body shirring to accommodating different body shapes, there are plenty of pieces comfortable enough for lounging in. All of Physical Drop’s garments are also machine washable, so taking care of them will be just as easy as wearing them.

lounging in Physical Drop

It’s not difficult to imagine how a fully-shirred JSK like this could be perfectc for lounging.


Lounging in Metamorphose temps de fille

We can’t mention Physical Drop and not talk about the other brand Kuniko Kato was involved with: Metamorphose. Physical Drop is a much smaller label, which keeps its value on the second hand market. Metamorphose, on the other hand, has been around for years and often sells cheaply second hand. Perfect place to start looking for lounging pieces! You’ll again find plenty of fully shirred pieces, but also comfortable socks to match. Who said that you can’t lounge in a full coord?

lounging in Meta

Is parka and bloomers the lolita equivalent of sweatpants and a hoodie? It could be! Headdress and socks are completely optional.


Lounging in Bodyline

Of course, for many lolitas the epitome of a comfortable piece that’s good for anything is Bodyline. This is often where our journey into this fashion starts and we keep those dresses for when we need something we can be a bit more careless with. Since lounging often involves comfort foods, at least you won’t be worried about staining something more expensive. And whilst lower quality than brand, Bodyline has many pieces in a cotton blend fabric with a bit of stretch. So whether you’re reclining or need extra room for a food baby, their dress will still have your back.

lounging in Bodyline

This was my first lolita JSK and I still love it. The fabric has a little bit of stretch to it, which ensures flattering and comfortable fit.


Lounging in Moi-meme-Moitie

Let’s face it though: when you’re tired of lolita coordinates, even the most comfortable piece won’t beat pyjamas. Luckily, you can continue lounging AND looking cute thanks to Moitie. They have recently released pyjamas and slippers, which let you live your cozy goth fantasy. You can even add a pillow to rest on if you’re feeling very extra. And since the days are getting warmer in the Northern Hemisphere – a fan to stay cool. Let’’s call it brand loyalty, shall we?

lounging in Moitie

Moitie pillow, pyjamas, slippers, fan… Alas, the cup and saucer have sold out now. But I’m sure you’ll have something to drink your tea from.


What have you been lounging in during lockdown/quarantine? Have you been lazy or fancy? Do you have a go-to coordinate for staying at home? Make sure to share these on Alice Holic!

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