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3 super comfy coords ideas for ILD!


With the lock-down period still going on for most countries, it’s reasonable to expect the first ILD of 2020 to happen as a virtual event. So, f0r that, we’ve prepared 3 very casual coords ideas for you to stay put and comfortable at home!

3 super comfy coords ideas for ILD!



Cutsews are a synonym of comfort, of course. They’re easy to wear and, when in solid colors, easy to coord in a casual outfit.  Skirt by BTSSB, CutSew by MILK, Hair Accessory by BTSSB and barrete by ETC.


And now, here’s something that screams comfort. It may not fit the usual idea we have for Lolita Fashion coords, but for staying home while keeping the silhouette, it might be a comfy alternative. Skirt and shirt are both from BPN!


Angelic Pretty’s cardigan OPs are SO comfortable it should be a crime! They’re the perfect piece to wear at home, as the designs are usually quite easy to coord in casual ways! Keeping one of these in your wardrobe is a smart move, believe me.


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