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Mahou Shoujo Lolita Coordinate


Hi again! This is my second post for Wunderwelt. The first time I told you a little about my local lolita community, Tertulia Lolita. Today I’m going to show you a coordinate I put together for our most recent tea party which was magical girl themed. I must confess I’ve never been a mahou shoujo fan, I’ve always preferred other types of anime. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t love the aesthetics of this genre: pastel colors, star and heart motifs, big bows, cute dresses… Perfect for lolita fashion!

First, I’m going to show you some detail shots of my coord:

magicallolita7 magicallolita8 


magicallolita3 magicallolita9 magicallolita6

And here’s how it looked all together:  


And here it’s being worn:


Coord rundown:

  • JSK & Headbow: Candy Sprinkle by Angelic Pretty
  • Bag & Blue Bear Mascot: Angelic Pretty
  • Shoes: DreamV
  • Cinnamoroll Mascot: Sanrio Puroland
  • Pony and Moon Brooches: Swimmer
  • Bow: Alice on Wednesday
  • Ring: 6% Dokidoki
  • Necklace: Sour Candy (local indie brand)
  • Peignoir: Vintage
  • Everything else is offbrand.

l’ll post more about this meet up on my personal blog “Candied Dreams“. Keep an eye on it!

Thanks for reading!

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