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A Lolita Subscription Box

These days you can get a subscription box with pretty much anything. Snacks, beauty products, stationery, kawaii merchandise… and lolita fashion accessories? Yes, a lolita fashion accessory subscription box service exists now!


About Bibelot Rose

Bibelot Rose is both a personal lolita blog and a brand shop by Kyra Thomas. The shop sells handmade lolita accessories by a group of independent artists. On the other hand, the blog focuses on documenting Kyra’s outfits and journey in the fashion. Bibelot Rose aims to “inspire and inform aspiring and veteran lolitas alike to overcome self doubt and discover their most authentic identities through lolita fashion”. As such, Bibelot Rose is more than just a blog and a shop. It’s a dedicated lolita community member’s mission to cultivate a safe and creative space, and further foster a community spirit.


About the Subscription Box

The subscription box is part of that spirit, which led to starting the Bibelot Rose Club. Ran quarterly, the subscription box includes a range of accessories from Bibelot Rose and colaborating indie brands. You can tailor the contents to your preferences by substyle: sweet, classic, gothic or a combination. As the subscription is an opt-in one, this not only gives you control over how many you get. Moreover, because of this you can also change your preferences with each box.

Welcome to the Bibelot Rose Club banner

Banner from the Bibelot Rose Club Facebook group.

Each subscription box will include at least one art print, while the rest will be accessories. If you order now, your box will ship in March and it will include items from Fluffy Tori and Twylite Fashion, as well as Bibelot Rose. After this, the next subscription box shipment will be in June, then September, and lastly – December.

You will receive a confirmation email of your preferences form.

Each box costs US$75 plus shipping and taxes where applicable. Customers in the United States receive free shipping, whereas other customers have this calculated during checkout. All the accessories you receive are made by people who are within lolita fashion themselves, with most being entirely handmade. For the number of items you receive, plus the consolidated shipping that a subscription box offers, the price is very reasonable. And you’re not risking getting anything that won’t match lolita. This makes the subscription box perfect for those new to the fashion who want to do it right.


More About the Bibelot Rose Club

As already mentioned, the subscription box is just one part of the Bibelot Rose Club. The other part is also in the shop and it’s a lolita starter box. This is a complete lolita outfit tailored by substyle with everything that a new lolita needs. The subscription box will be more useful for those who have at least one outfit, so if that’s not you – consider the starter box first.

The Bibelot Rose Club offering

More importantly, the Bibelot Rose Club is also a dedicated Facebook group. That’s right, the box not only gives you the items, but also a community to be a part of. Since the subscription box contents are a mystery, the Facebook group is a chance to trade items with others. Or to simply share the excitement when the boxes arrive. Everyone who purchases a subscription box is invited to join and will remain a member for as long as they choose to be.


Moreover, the Bibelot Rose Club Facebook group is a perfect space for the new lolitas who got the subscription box. Navigating a fashion with so many rules is intimidating. The ability to ask for advice and opinions from trusted people would reassure many a newbie. Whether asking for suggestions on styling an accessory received in the box or simply making lolita friends, this tight-knit community is, to me, the highlight of the subscription box service and I look forward to see how it grows.


My Subscription Box

The first subscription boxes have shipped out in December and I received mine early in January. Since then I’ve had some time to play with the items I got, as well as plan more. If you’d like to read a review of what I received, head over to my own blog. Instead allow me to wrap up this post with some photos of how I coordinated my accessories so far. Some of these are items that I wouldn’t have tried out without the subscription box accessories, and I’m grateful for the motivation to try something new.

subscription box sneak peek

A sneak peek into my own box contents, featuring a clip from Twylite Fashion.

If your accessory collection is lacking, I highly suggest trying out the subscription box. Whether you purchase only one or get a few, it will enrich your collection and add to your coords. And make sure to join the Facebook group too! Besides a community space it has some exclusive deals (like a $10 off code or sneak previews).

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