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KamiCon Fashion Show 2017 – Part II Community Looks


KamiCon is Alabama’s largest anime convention in Birmingham, AL and has been a favorite of mine for producing a high production value show. Traditionally KamiCon has not had a lot of lolita programming. Last year the Alabama Lolita Coterie decided to change that by hosting a lolita fashion show. This year, they have expanded the fashion show by adding more polish, and three American indie designers. Puvithel, from Atlanta, GA; A. Gato Designs, from Washington, D.C.; And The Black Ribbon from San Francisco, CA.

There were twelve themed community models and eleven looks from the three indie designers. Each community model was styled after a storybook fable and coordinated with a wide variety of brand, indie, and homemade items. KamiCon, the designers, and the Alabama Lolita Coterie promoted the event on facebook, resulting in a full house!

This is part two of a two-part series. You can read the first part here.

Part Two – Community Looks

I’d previously attended a couple tiny meets in south Alabama and had a few lolita friends from the area, but I hadn’t really gotten to interact with the Alabama Lolita Coterie before this show. As a child attending school in Alabama, there were never really many people with alternative interests or unorthodox hobbies, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. My initial thoughts were that the community models were just going to be wearing whatever their favorite coordinate was. I was pleasantly surprised to see that each model had carefully picked an outfit to depict a mystical forest creature, with many adding cute props to further fit with the show’s theme.

Models (from left to right): Robin, Tara, Brittany Cristina, Marissa K. Bosley, Jessica, Nicole, Courtney, Katie, Amber

I talked to a few of the community models to ask them about their coordinates, and experiences with lolita fashion.

“My interest was sparked back in 2003-2004 when a friend in high school gave me one of the FRUiTS books,” Brittany Cristina explained, “I love the overall aesthetic of lolita – the silhouette and the high quality of the materials used. There is a certain sense of magic in putting on a well-thought-out [coordinate] that allows you to display your creativity and love for the fashion.”

Brittany Cristina’s Coordinate:

Dress – Statice Lolita Margaret Prologue (Taobao brand)
Blouse – Dear Celine
Headdress – Sweet Mildred (modified)
Face Veil – Moonshine Baby Creations
Epaulettes – Handmade
Necklace, Shoes, Gloves – Offbrand

“When I wear Lolita my confidence goes up so much. I don’t feel as awkward. I feel really happy and ready to take on more things.” Nikki Borden concurred. “I also enjoy when I meet children while dressed up because it really is nice to see them all excited and smiling about meeting a ‘princess.’ “

I asked Marissa K. Bosley what drew her to lolita fashion. “I’ve always loved poofy dresses,” she responded, “My brother and the Steampunk [community] introduced me to lolita and I fell in love just about immediately. Classic lolita contained the style of dresses that I already loved and owned.”

Marissa K Bosley’s Coordinate:

Dress (JSK) – Forest Animals from Innocent World
Bear Bonnet – ShelbyCloud
Nude stockings and (Yuu) Shoes – Offbrand

Here are some of my favorite close-up photos.

Models (top left to bottom right): Jessica, Tannet, Amber, Courtney, Katie, Nicole

I’m quite fawned of that last look. …Not a fan of awful puns? Oh deer.
This next coordinate looks like it belongs in FRUiTS!

Model: Tara

Thank you KamiCon and the Alabama Lolita Coterie for putting on such a fantastic show! I’m excited to see what’s in store for next year.

Models (left to right): Nicole, Tannet, Jessica, Brittany Cristina, Robin

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