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Pros of Buying Brand Second Hand


Although many members of the Lolita fashion community buy new brand directly from shops, the second hand market has been growing, especially in recent years. Several second hand stores offer worldwide shipping, making brand items even more accessible and affordable than ever. There are many pros to buying brand second hand:

Sugar Fairy Cake by Angelic Pretty. Image via Wunderwelt.

Second hand brand is often offered at a discount:

Second hand stores look at the condition of the item carefully before determining a price. Items typically are not put up for sale if they are not in usable condition.  So in short, you are getting items in good condition for a good price.  For an example, at the time of writing this post, the jsk above is just 9,990 yen, more than fifty percent off what it originally retailed for.

Note that after the time of this posting, this item may become out of stock. 

Dolly Cat by Angelic Pretty. This dress was very popular during it’s initial release.

Missed out on a release? Don’t worry!:

If a release was popular and you were unable to get it, there’s a chance it will eventually go onto the second hand market! Although this does take a good amount of patience, it is certainly worth the wait when your dress is in your hands.

There’s a big variety to choose from:

Most lolita items are limited edition: once an particular item is sold out, it usually is not made again. Second hand stores have pages upon pages of mostly sold out items available.


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