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Year of the Strawberry ♡ Positive and happy feelings with Q-pot.

 Brand introduction by designer Tadaaki Wakamatsu and the Q-pot. cast, in commemoration of Q-pot. joining our lineup at Wunderwelt Fleur!

Undoubtedly Q-pot. is best known for sweets accessories, but creates apparel and bags as well. The brand also runs the Q-pot. Cafe, which is a favorite of grown-ups who still love all kinds of cute things! Q-pot. is the happy brand that lets you enjoy the world of your childhood dreams, even as an adult ♡ Make sure to take a look!

Q-pot. Brand Profile

Japanese designer Tadaaki Wakamatsu is the creator of Q-pot.’s popular sweets accessories. Based on the brand’s concept, which can be described as “accessories as communication tools that bring people together”, he aims to design positive accessories that can be enjoyed by both wearer and onlooker alike. He is also involved in advertising and video producing, collaborates with fashion brands, artists, film and all kinds of other projects, did a large-scale art installation in France, and engages in fundraising activities. A pioneer of Japan’s unique KAWAII style, he continues to spread smiles all over the world.

The meaning behind the name Q-pot.

The Q in Q-pot. stands for words like “Question” and “Quality”, while “pot” literally refers to a pot or other vessel. Therefore, “Q-pot” is like a mysterious pot full of surprises – you never know what comes out of it next!

How Q-pot. began

I’m not very talkative so communication has always been difficult for me. So I thought, I’d like to become someone who takes pleasure in communicating with others. Another reason was that accessories that I personally enjoyed did not seem to exist in this world at all, so I started to make accessories that expressed the things I liked in my own way.

What is your recommended series or one that you have strong memories of?

That would be the Macaron collection. I went to Paris twelve years ago, and the moment I saw the macarons lined up in the showcases of the cafes on the streets I thought they looked like edible jewels. At the time Macarons were not very well known in Japan yet, but I remember that since they looked like jewels to me, I immediately thought as an accessory designer I should use them in a design. It felt like I was struck by lightning.

One of the reason you started your brand was that you wanted to give people positive and happy feelings. What inspires you to create cute accessories that make people happy?

Things I experienced as a child, pleasant things, the blissful memories that define me, all of these things inspire my designs. While I’m working I always keep in mind the thought of  how wonderful it would be if I managed to express everyday happiness and excitement through accessories.

Q-pot. has done a variety of collaborations so far. Who or what would you like to collaborate with in the future?

We have several big collaborations planned for the rest of the year, so I hope people will like them. In the past I thought I’d like to try my hand at car design, so when I got an offer from Mercedes I designed a chocolate car for them. Just seeing this car on the street in itself is art, that’s so fun isn’t it? I’d like to combine an element of fantasy with more everyday objects like this. It would be wonderful if the things I designed could put smiles on people’s faces.

Your message to Q-pot. fans from all over the world

2017 marks the 15th anniversary of Q-pot., so we decided to make it the year of the strawberry (15 = 1 (ichi) & 5 (go), ichigo = strawberry). Just like the strawberry keeps delighting our palates in various forms such as jam or cake, it is my hope that our brand can always stay fresh and continue to make our guests smile. We will keep doing all sorts of exciting things you can look forward to.

Q-pot. Cast Coordinates⭐︎

① Strawberry Field Puff Sleeve Dress & Fresh Strawberry Necklace (pink) + Biscuit Earring (beige) & Decoration Watch (red)

I chose strawberry accessories to match the dress. The necklace might almost be mistaken for a real strawberry, and the red color of the watch is eye catching as well. The biscuit earring looks so tasty, just like freshly out of the oven. If you wear a petticoat, it will give the dress a light and airy silhouette and make it extra cute, I really recommend it!

② Strawberry Field Sleeveless Dress & Velvet Strawberry Choker & Decoration Watch (brown) & Twinkle Bracelet (brown)

I wanted the dress to be the main point of the coordinate, so I paired it with a black blouse. Since it’s a lace blouse, it adds a certain sweetness even though it’s black. Sleeveless dresses can be dressed up or down depending on the blouses you pair them with, so you can enjoy them in many ways. I chose a strawberry choker and chocolate-themed accessories to pull together my Chocolate Strawberry coordinate.

③ Shell Macaron Necklace (light pink) & Shell Macaron Bracelet (purple) & Marshmallow Earring (light pink)

The pastel-colored Shell Macaron accessories are reminiscent of dreamy mermaids, while the organza dress and ribbon remind us of the transparency of the sea. Pastel marshmallow earrings complete this coordinate in pale colors.

Think of a cute cafe, and the Q-pot Cafe will immediately come to mind!

Opened in 2012, the Q-pot. Cafe aims to “spread smiles through sweets”. Here the Q-pot. accessories are turned into edible macarons and cakes. Just like the accessories, the desserts are made with great attention to detail. The interior of the cafe is divided into nine wondrous “Q rooms”, you never know what will pop up next! (Editors note: In Japanese, the pronunciation of the letter Q and the number 9 is the same)


Due to the seasonal menu changes and limited goods on offer, the Q-pot. Cafe is bound to please no matter how many times you visit. A percentage of the proceeds from the tea served at the cafe is donated to help children in Sri Lanka, one of the major tea producing countries in the world.


The Q-pot. main branch is located right in front of the cafe.

Make sure to pay the home of odd  sweets a visit on your way home!

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