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Halloween Lolita Inspiration!


Halloween Lolita Inspiration!

by milkcircus


It’s finally October! Halloween is almost here! Naturally, this means everyone is talking about Halloween coordinates! Halloween is the perfect time for experimenting with Lolita coordinates and going over-the-top. But, if you’re stumped on what to wear for the big spooky day, this article is here to help!

While generally fun, Halloween shopping can be difficult. The line between costume and Lolita is a challenging one to not cross during this holiday. On one hand, you’ll want to be in the spirit of Halloween but on the other, keep the integrity and silhouette of Lolita so that it’s easily identifiable. Additionally, browsing through websites, competing over secondhand sales, and finding just the right accessory to complete an outfit can take so much time. Because it can be a challenge finding everything you need in one place, I took the challenge of making these coordinates exclusively with items that can be found through a single source: Wunderwelt!*
All respective original pictures belong to Wunderwelt or listed brands and were combined to make outfit collages. So with that in mind, here are some Halloween coordinates for inspiration!

*After the time of this posting, some coordinate items may become out of stock.


Vampire Lolita

Consider adding pointed collars & red to become a vampire! Vampires are always regal and mesmerizing, making it the perfect trope to shape a coordinate around while still keeping the elegance associated with Lolita.





Additional accessory ideas:
Vampire Cape
Costume fangs
Sharp nails
Gelled hair
Coffin jewelry
Dark leg-wear


Bittersweet Witch Lolita

Bittersweet Lolita is often a sweet print & pastels coupled with black and other dark themes. Sort of the rotten or punk version of candy! It’s easy to capture a witchy vibe with the necessary elements!



Black Cat Ring:


Additional accessory ideas:
Black witch hat
Striped tights or socks
Cauldron shaped Candy Bucket
Witchy boots



Haunted Maiden Lolita

Try for a gothic look without using black as the main color. Find a print with a morbid motif and build a unified look around that for a more spooky look without necessarily trying to be a specific Halloween trope.


Violin Bag:


Additional accessory ideas:
Porcelain doll
Religious motifs
Pale makeup



Candy Lolita

The best part of Halloween…the candy! If you’re someone who loves sweet style and never strays towards anything black or gothic, try a print with a candy motif and build the outfit around that! You can easily fit into the sweet spirit of the holiday!


Dress: or
Marshmallow Earrings:
Candy Bracelet & Ring Set:
Candy Ring:


Additional accessory ideas:
Candy shaped purse
Striped tights or socks
Pastel witch hat



Guro Lolita

Guro lolita is usually described as “broken doll” or “grotesques” lolita with common motifs of blood, white, bandages, teeth, knives, and other horror related elements! It keeps the Lolita silhouette while providing just the right amount of horror!


Teeth Earrings:
Cut Throat Ear Wrap:


Additional accessory ideas:
Bloody apron
White tights with (fake) blood splatter
Bandage tights
Nurse cap
Giant stuffed animals
Teeth necklace


Hopefully these coordinates have given you the inspiration you need to make your spookiest coordinate yet! And while you’re at it, Wunderwelt’s Alice Holic is also hosting a Halloween Coordinate Contest! Give it a try!


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Happy Halloween! 🎃


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