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Oni-Con 2017 Fashion Show Coverage

The time has finally come to share my images from the 2017 Oni-Con J-Fashion show!

As you may have gathered, this is one of the biggest events of the convention for Fashion programming. For every fashion show I cover, I like to take the models and do some individual shots before and after the show, highlighting the models’ favorite parts of their coord and taking some time to take some awesome individual photos for the brand itself. Once the models get on stage, I shoot to my hearts’ content.

I spend a lot of time editing these images, as it’s definitely one of the highlights of the convention—especially for the models.

The fashion show featured all the brand guests: Royal Princess Alice, Kimura U and her brand KawaiiHolic, Puvithel, and Baby Ponytail. Below I have chosen just a few of the many photos I have up on my Facebook page, so if you want more, please stop by!


Vic for KawaiiHolic


Bree for Puvithel


Kimura U for Puvithel


Fair for Royal Princess Alice


Sally for Puvithel


Molly for Royal Princess Alice


Kara for Puvithel


Becky for Baby Ponytail


Lauren for KawaiiHolic

Now to the stage!


Stevie for Royal Princess Alice


Kimura U for Puvithel


Puvithel for Puvithel


Baby Ponytail


Vic for Puvithel


Ash for Royal Princess Alice


Kara for Puvithel


Imani for Puvithel


Meredith for Puvithel


Lauren for Royal Princess Alice




Sally for Puvithel


Vic for KawaiiHolic


Candy for Baby Ponytail


Ann for Puvithel


Kimura U for KawaiiHolic


Meci and Jasmine for KawaiiHolic


Royal Princess Alice


Imani for Puvithel


Katie for Baby Ponytail


Aito-san for Royal Princess Alice


Sakurako for Royal Princess Alice




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