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Easter Coord Ideas for Everyone


You’re forgiven for thinking that the Easter aesthetic is exclusively for Sweet Lolitas. Bunnies, colours such as yellow, sax blue and green, painted eggs are typically Sweet Lolita. However, don’t for a moment think that you can’t dress up if you’re into other styles. Let me give you some great Easter coord ideas for all styles. Wear these to your comm’s Easter meet or even out with your family!


Gothic Easter Coord

Surely that’s impossible, right? Easter is too colourful for Goths! That’s where you’re wrong. You forget what Easter is really about: religion. Easter is the most important holiday for Christians, so it’s the perfect occasion to pull out your crosses and church prints. As long as you’re not going too far, you could probably even wear these to Easter mass. It’s perfectly acceptable to remind others about the true meaning of Easter with your Gothic presence.

Gothic Easter coord

I encourage you to use other cross accessories, like cross lace headdresses in your Gothic Easter coord. Featuring Moi-meme-Moitie JSK, Alice and the Pirates blouse, Baby the Stars Shine Bright headdress, Queen Bee shoes and Sheglit necklace.


Classic Easter Coord

Classic Lolitas have quite a few options of how they want to dress for the day. From utilising a lighter colour palette to subtle prints like florals with spring flowers, as a spring holiday Easter is perfect for you. You’re limited only by your imagination and almost every outfit you could conceive would work for non-Lolita celebrations too. So see what you have in your elegant Classic wardrobe and celebrate everything you love about this season through your Easter coord.

Fawn as a metaphor of nature coming to life in your Classic Easter Coord. Featuring an Innocent World JSK, Sheglit blouse, Miho Matsuda capelet, Angelic Pretty headbow, Baby the Stars Shine Bright OTKs and Emily Temple Cute shoes.


OTT Classic Easter Coord

We already know that Classic Lolita is very versatile, we see that in action above. But recently OTT Classic styles have been growing more popular. And I’m here to show you that you can create an OTT Classic Easter coord for your meetup. How? Well, think of Faberge eggs, of course! These stunning creations were Easter gifts amongst Russian royalty and the Russians never did anything modestly. Pick your favourite jewel tone, throw all the gold jewellery you can and be your own queen of Faberge eggs this Easter!

OTT Classic Easter Coord

Feel like a royal Faberge egg in your OTT Classic Easter coord. Featuring an Innocent World JSK, Baby the Stars Shine Bright blouse, Metamorphose bonnet, Alice and the Pirates shoes, Angelic Pretty combs and Haenuli tights.


Country Easter Coord

Isn’t Easter just perfect for Country Lolita? It’s technically a more summery style, but it’d be a shame to not pull out your best Country Easter coord given all these flowers and greenery. I’m sure some people use gingham tablecloths for their Easter tables too. And wicker baskets are literally made for carrying cute things. Colourful eggs, bunches of flowers, fresh food and bunnies will all make for fabulous themed coordinates and themed photoshoots.

Celebrate Easter Country style! Featuring an Angelic Pretty OP and bag, Pauline Rose headpiece, Metamorphose shoes and combs and Baby the Stars Shine Bright socks.


Sweet Easter Coord

This is, of course, where Easter coords come to life. Sweet Lolita is full of prints and colours that work very well with Easter, as this is where you see the majority of rabbits. But it’s not just rabbits – why not create an ode to fluffy sheep or chicks? Or go wild inspired by colourful Easter eggs. Even if solids dominate your wardrobe, you could become a splash of colours for your Easter coord. Just don’t be surprised when you attract all the nearby bunnies at your comm’s Easter meet.

Sweet Easter coord

Bunnies and yellow gingham with sax accents is all you could want from a Sweet Easter Coord. Featuring an Angelic Pretty JSK, Victorian Maiden blouse, Baby the Stars Shine Bright headbow, Metamorphose OTKs, Queen Bee shoes and a Coquettish Tiara bag.


Of course, there are so many other Easter coords that you could do. Oldschool is always appropriate and Shiro would give you fantastic Easter Bunny vibes. Why not try a Sailor coord if you’re in a warmer climate? Unleash your mechanical bunny Steampuk fantasy, if you wish, or create a nod to Japanese mythology and the moon rabbit with a Wa coord. The world (that is, your Lolita wardrobe) is your oyster. Or your Easter egg, if you wish!


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