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Tired of rabbits on your dresses? Check these 4 Easter symbols for this season!

Let’s be honest: who could ever get tired of rabbits and hares? Well, not me. But, if you are one of these people, and if you’ve been wanting to innovate a bit on your Easter themed coords, check these other symbols that can also work as Easter representatives:


Yes, a bit obvious. Easter is (nowadays, at least) a major Christian celebration. So crosses are a most fitting motif for this season.

Heavenly Crossジャンパースカート Angelic Pretty


Lilies have been thoroughly used as a decorative flower during Easter. The main reason might be both in its color and shape: the white colour is often representative of peace and purity during christian celebrations. In some countries, this flower even receives the name of “Easter Lily”.

リリークロスワンピース Triple fortune

Hot Cross Buns

This delicacy is quite popular in England, where Hot Cross buns were actually baked for the feast of Eostre, a Saxon fertility Goddess. Later on this festivity was assimilated by the church, and the hot cross bun became quite popular during Easter celebratiohns.


Well lambs aren’t only for Christmas. This cute animal is often referenced in the Bible, specially when Christ is called the “Lamb of God”. Lambs are also a symbol of purity and sacrifice, which may be quite fitting for our Easter celebrations.

Sheep Gardenジャンパースカート – Angelic Pretty


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