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Virtual Halloween Meetup Ideas


The world remains unsafe to host meetups in many places, which leaves lolitas in a pickle. Halloween is often an important annual meetup for many comms, so what to do now? How can we have a great spooky meetup via Zoom? Here are some of my suggestions.


Virtual escape room or Murder mystery party

Over the course of the last few months several places have come up with virtual escape rooms. Some of these involve receiving clues in a box that your comm could all order, while some are actual online experiences. Similarly, many murder mystery party sets are either adaptable to Zoom meetups or ready for the virtual format. Find one that is suitably spooky for your comm’s Halloween needs and then get everyone on Zoom to brainstorm the clues you have.

Halloween meetup ideas

Making solving mysteries and riddles spoopy is a great way to have a slightly different Halloween meetup.


Fortune telling

Not everyone is into the spooky and scary side of Halloween – but many enjoy the witchy aspects and the occult. Having someone in your comm who is proficient with tarot readings could lead to some fun fortune telling meetup. However, you can also look up easy fortune telling methods that you could do together with some instructions. Want to know if the next anticipated release will come before or after your payday? When will meetups be possible again? Or maybe you have more pressing questions? A Halloween fortune telling meetup could offer the answers you seek.

You can enjoy a darker meet without having to do anything truly scary. And in these uncertain times we all have some questions we’d like answered.


Halloween film screening

For most people Halloween is about the films. Luckily, there is a great array of them to choose from. From family friendly films, through musicals all the way to the most terrifying horrors, you can let your comm choose in advance. Then it’s only a matter of deciding which platform will be best for hosting the screening. And finding out who has the best bandwidth to be able to stream seamlessly.

Halloween film screening

Watching films in cozy clothes is what a lot of us do already. Now, thanks to modern technology, we can do it with others online. So will it be Hocus Pocus or a classic horror for your comm?


Don’t feel forced to do the unusual

Times are already unusual and after so many months many of us are simply drained of energy. You can still have a good Halloween meetup without forcing yourself to do anything extra special. “Just” a tea party is still fun when in the great company of your comm. Easy activities such as spooky crafts are also accessible and don’t require much effort to organise. At the end of the day lolitas are grateful to have a Halloween meetup to attend in the first place, so do what you can. And save your bigger plans for next year when Halloween celebrations with a bang will hopefully be possible again.

Paper crafts in particular are easy for everyone to do. But even just sitting down with a cup of tea for a Zoom chat in your Halloween coord will be enough.


What is your community planning for this year’s Halloween meetup?

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