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The Importance of Being Picky: Closet Thinning


Once I started to lose weight, I learned multiple lessons about the fashion. One of these lessons was the importance of being picky and keeping your closet relatively small, only buying and keeping pieces that you truly enjoy. To show the results of this, I’ve detailed pieces that I’ve sold and/or marked to sell and the rest of the pieces that I still have. This may not seem like a lot to sell to most of you, but consider that my closet was tiny to begin with and you’ll see how significant this thinning was to me!

What I’ve Sold

Elegy Ouji Set
This set, for whatever reason, fits me strangely. I got it altered so it would mitigate this, but I think it’s just where the front of the vest hits me. Plus, the shorts are far too short for my current tastes. This was one of the sets that I pounced on simply because I knew it would fit (and loved Harry Potter).

Strawberry Witch BTSSB-style blouse
While I loved this blouse, I sold it because it was slightly too large for me even before I lost the weight. It was a bit sweet for my tastes, although I had a lot of  fun pairing it with gothic styles for a different feel. Almost sad to see it go, actually.

Tragedy Night JSK
I didn’t like how it looked on me, and I’m just not a fan of wearing Lolita, myself. It was worth a try, though.

Tragedy Night Hat
I sold the JSK, and I honestly didn’t like the way the hat looked on my face shape.

Plain Black Vest (offbrand)
Far, far, far too large for me after my weight loss. I want to buy it again in a different size.

Lolita Shoes
Not interested in wearing Lolita anymore, and they really tortured my feet.

Sleeveless Blouse (offbrand)
I found this blouse while thrifting. I wanted to use this blouse in a summer coord for a long time, but the lack of sleeves bothered me, even though I could have paired it with a cardigan or something.

Sweater Vest (offbrand)
This was far too oversized after my weight loss, plus the direction I wanted to take the fashion changed.

Knives Tights
It didn’t fit the image I had in my mind when I bought them. They were far too transparent.

Swallowtail Vest (offbrand)
Fit me strangely. Not sure what was off about the cut. I really liked having the swallowtails though.

Checkered Tights (offbrand)
I realized that I wanted to focus more on EGA, which meant fewer opportunities for OTKs and/or tights. Plus, while these added visual interest, I just wasn’t comfortable with how they looked on me.

What I’ve Kept (Almost Sold)

There were two pieces that were marked to sell, but I decided to keep them at the last second after wearing them out after I lost weight. I expect to find more pieces like these that I hated on me before I lost weight, but now I feel like I want to wear more often.

Precious Clove Ouji Set

I almost sold this one. I loved the set, but the shorts were far, far too short for my tastes! Plus, while I loved the sash, it’s a bit of a young style than what I’ve realized I’m interested in. HOWEVER, the time that I wore it since losing weight, I felt actually pretty good in it, and it gives me the chance to wear some OTKs I’ve collected. (I have an OTK problem!)


Moonlight Forest Bear

I got it to go with the Precious Clove set. It’s normally much too sweet for my tastes as I prefer more of an EGA style now, and I always preferred gothic, but this little guy is such good quality that I want to keep him to go with the set above.

I hope to make a wardrobe post soon, when I’m more comfortable with what I’ve built back up. Keep an eye out!

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