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A Guide To Washing Your Lolita Clothing



Detailed prints, frills and ruffles, delicate lace, where to begin?

How to wash Lolita

1♡. Check the label before washing your clothing, different fabrics need to be washed in different ways. For instance cotton items can go in the washing machine, however you may not want fur clothing in there. Try to avoid the dryer just in case of shrinkage and your pieces being ripped from the rough spinning. Some clothes say dry clean only so I recommend going by what the label says.

2♡. Take off all detachable items, for example pins/brooches, bows, clip on type faux flowers. Items with metal can get rusty and/or leave stains on your clothing, they can also help rip the clothing. I suggest putting washable items (fabric) in a net bag or to be extra safe, wash by hand. For headbows, I recommend not washing them as quite often the band is made of metal and will cause a rust stain in the fabric. You can wash the actual bow part, furthest away from the band if you need to.

3♡. For stains, use a Q-tip and wet lightly with warm water and rub gently and slowly over the stain. Avoid methods such as lemons as this may increase the size of the stain. If this does happen, wash the item and use a Q-tip until the stain comes out, remember to air dry it outside away from sunlight. For larger stains, it would be best to send to the dry cleaners to avoid ruining your clothing.

4♡. For prints you can not get wet, (if unsure, test using a very small amount of water in an area no one can see), try to keep it as clean as possible and send to the dry cleaners if your dress/item gets dirty.

5♡. For velvet, don’t put it in the washing machine or dryer, use the same method as above.

6♡. For shoes, you can use a shoe eraser (buy online or in shoe repair stores), you can also use a buffer (colour or colourless). Banana peel is known to make shoes shiny, however clean with a cloth afterwards so you don’t get flies following you when you walk around!



That’s it for this lesson, I hope that it was useful! If you have any tips or questions please let me know.


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