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Brand Introduction: Enchantlic Enchantilly


About Enchantlic Enchantilly

Enchantlic Enchantilly, formerly known as Chantilly, is a lolita fashion brand going as far back as 2007. While their clothing is predominantly Classic, they also feature very elegant designs that fit into the Gothic and Sweet substyles. From main pieces to jewellery, and even other accessories like phone cases, Enchantlic Enchantilly has everything you could possibly need to make your life cuter and more elegant. The brand’s motto is ‘Casting a spell on everyone!’, which is exactly what their designs do!

Goldfish Jewelry Box by Enchantlic Enchantilly

Goldfish Jewelry Box OP shown at Wicked and Whimsy in London, August 2016. This OP is still available on Wunderwelt Fleur, so grab it before it sells out! Photograph by Emily Valentine Photography.


Enchantlic Enchantilly smartphone case

Smartphone case featuring the Queen Cat ~ Trump print. If you want a different print, then there’s more on Wunderwelt Fleur!


The Designer

It all started when Fumiko Kawamura, who continues to design Enchantlic Enchantilly’s pieces, took the plunge to sell her creations at Pretty (now Angelic Pretty) in Laforet. She is inspired by anything cute and particularly the lolitas she’s met. She also loves cats, who feature on many of her designs and on her personal social media. As well as attending events, she often hosts Enchantlic Enchantilly’s tea parties in Tokyo.

Fumiko Kawamura of Enchantlic Enchantilly

Fumiko Kawamura handing out her Best Dressed prize at Wicked and Whimsy tea party in London, August 2016. Photograph by Catberry Photography.


Fumiko Kawamura

Fumiko Kawamura, one of the guests at Wicked and Whimsy in London, August 2016. Photograph by Emily Valentine Photography.


The Brand Internationally

Enchantlic Enchantilly has attended multiple events overseas, including in France, USA, China, Russia and the UK. Fumiko Kawamura is influenced by how international lolitas wear her clothes, saying she wants to “focus on creating pieces that fit everyone’s needs”. It seems that she’s achieved just that, as Enchantlic Enchantilly is popular amongst Western lolitas, who appreciate the brand’s quality, designs and size inclusivity. The length works well for taller lolitas, while the abundance of shirring accommodates larger sizes. This embodies Fumiko Kawamura’s view that ultimately “we like the same things […] even if we don’t use the same language” and that “we connect through cute things”.

Bat ring

With Halloween approaching, don’t you think that would be the perfect ring to complete your coord? There are also two more colourways on Wunderwelt Fleur!


Lolitas about Enchantlic Enchantilly


Enchantlic Enchantilly bonnet

Lou Graves, one of our own Wunderwelt Libre writers, is wearing Chantilly bonnet. It’s such an elegant look!

I’ve worn [the Chantilly bonnet] quite a few times, to meetups and photoshoots and it still looks perfect despite being so old now.” — Lou Graves (IG, YT)


Queen Bunny OP

Laura (IG) is wearing the Queen Bunny OP in pink with the matching headbow. Want this print? Then head over to Wunderwelt Fleur, where the skirt in mint is still in stock. Hurry up before it’s gone!

One of my favourite parasols is from [Enchantlic Enchantilly]. I love how gorgeous the details are!” — Anonymous


Enchantlic Enchantilly Phantom Rose Garden series.

Nadina is wearing the Phantom Rose Garden dress and tights. Isn’t this a stunning look?

I own two of their dresses and both are outstanding: the length is perfect for me and proportions of the dress fit so well, they’re also amazingly comfortable. Fabric is great quality too […] and their socks and tights are the best ones I’ve had.” — Nadina (IG)


Enchantlic Enchantilly tights

Paulina is wearing the Invitation to Angels’ Ball Party tights to Summer ILD 2017. These are still available on Wunderwelt Fleur in both ivory and black!

Both the necklace and the tights I bought from them at an event are fantastic quality and really versatile. I want to get more from Enchantlic Enchantilly in the future, but I’m never fast enough and all their most beautiful prints sell out before I get round to it.” — Anonymous



You can shop Enchantlic Enchantilly on Wunderwelt Fleur. Combine with your regular Wunderwelt order to save on shipping!

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You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram, and stay up to date through their website.


* All photos are used with permission from the authors.

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