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Three ways to keep your socks from falling down

 Its happened to all of us: you head out for the day in your adorable coordinate. Five steps from the door and your over the knee socks have become under the knee socks. Never fear! Here are three easy ways to keep your socks in place.

 Sock glue

 Perfect for thin socks, apply sock glue and allow it to dry. Your socks will stay put all day and easily come off when you want them to. You can find this glue at sock retailers (or look online). Because the glue is a foreign substance that may effect the dye in your socks, its best to test an inconspicuous area before you apply.

 Sock garters

 Great for thicker socks, a sock garter is essentially a stretch belt you put on over your sock to keep it in place. You can decorative ones or functional ones, but they all work basically the same way. If you opt for a decorative garter, consider what kinds of styles might work best. An ero coordinate might benefit from a risqué garter, while a sweet coordinate might work better with a cute texture or print.

 Dance tights

 While not as robust as either of the other options, dance tights won’t damage your socks, add an extra layer if its cold outside, and provide texture that your socks can use to stay up better than your bare skin. Dance tights won’t add any decorative flare-up, but you may even have a pair lying around your house.

 With any luck one of these options will keep your socks in place! 


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