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Shapewear and EGL Fashion

Even if you love a lolita piece, it just might not suit you. Before you modify your piece, however, there may be some easy ways to make it work. While modifying your lolita pieces is certain an option, some problems with fit can be solved with shapewear. 


Lolita’s focus on legwear means that its very easy to use tights to change the appearance of your legs and low belly. Tights with a control top can smooth out the your stomach and remain hidden under a petticoat and dress. While tights from Asian retailers including those in Japan and China are often too small or short for western buyers, stores like We Love Colors and Sock Dreams offer tights and other leg wear in a variety of sizes. 

You can also use tights for over the knee and knee high socks. A pair of skin colored dance tights under your socks will help them stay up all day and smooth any bulges where your socks stop and your skin starts. 

Minimizing bras

Lolitas with large busts are no doubt already aware of the uphill battle that they face in finding Japanese clothes that fit. While shirring can help a dress fit, it can also lead to the dreaded boobloaf, which is not only uncomfortable but unflattering. Sports bras can help, but there are also specialty bras made for minimizing the bust. The overall result is still boob shaped, but smaller, which can help blouses and JSKs fit better. 


Lolita favors layers, which can add bulk to your waist and bust. A shapewear garment, like Spanx, can smooth out your body under the layers, helping define your waist. While not as cute as bloomers, shapewear can also add a level of modesty to your coordinate without a bulky layer to fuss with.

Spanx is probably the most famous brand but there are companies that make shapewear at all price points and sizes, so you can find something for exactly your needs. Some fit only on the waist, while others offer shaping of the upper thighs and bust. Shapewear can be found at most brick and mortar department stores, including places like Target or Walmart. 


If you need some serious body shaping, corsets can help. Corsets, bustiers, and waist cinchers are already a well established part of gothic and ero lolita, though corsets released by Japanese brands aren’t typically intended for body shaping. Corsets can be worn under clothes to invisibly define the waist, hips, and bust, or over clothes to help tailor garments that might not otherwise fit.

If you want to incorporate a corset into your wardrobe, look for a steel boned corset, which will have a more rigid shape intended to mold your body. Consider whether you need an overbust (corset with cups intended to mold the breasts, waist, or hips) or underbust (corset without cups that shapes the waist or hips). Wearing a corset under your clothes is commonly called “stealthing” and there are hundreds of blogs, videos, and tutorials are dedicated to the practice. If you’re planning on stealthing, make sure you pick a corset that breathes well and won’t snag fabric with embellishments. Stealth corset wearers often recommend satin or mesh. 

However you use shapewear, these garments can offer simple ways to ensure a proper fit without modifying a piece so you can learn to love everything in your wardrobe. 


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