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Pattern Review: Bolero from Otome no Sewing BOOK 3


So, today I’ll show you a quick review for Otome no Sewing BOOK 3’s bolero piece. This is one of my favourite issues, as it brings a bunch of easy to make pieces that can be completed within a day or two of sewing.

This bolero, though, is no exception.

The pattern asks for three pieces only: back panel, side panels and sleeves.

As you can see, I’ve decided to sew the bodice part on cotton and the sleeves on a light net-like fabric.

The instructions are all in Japanese, but this magazine is quite easy to follow using only the pictures, if you can’t read hiragana or Kanjis.

 The finished piece

And here’s the final result:

As you can see, it’s a pretty simple bolero with some embellishments. It took me around 6 hours to cut and sew it, so it’s a fairly easy project! You can adapt this pattern to any sub style you’d like, and the result is quite cute and versatile!

I’ve used the pattern sheet to trace and cut the fabric. The size S often works for me, but for this bolero it got a bit large (nothing hard to fix, though). I really recommend Otome no Sewing for both beginners and advanced seamstress in Lolita Fashion, as it makes the process of designing any piece quite fast!


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