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JBTK Zine: Now in Print!


I’ve written before about Just Below the Knee, a lolita zine with a focus on pushing the boundaries of lolita. (You can check out my articles on Issue #1 and #2 here on Wunderwelt Libre!) Yesterday, I received an unexpected surprise in the mail: a physical copy of Issue #1. I thought I’d do a quick review of the zine and some goodies that came with it.

I’ve got issues

Just Below the Knee Issue #1 has a glossy full color cover. It looks and feels like a softcover book, with coarse, matte pages on the inside.

The illustrations and photos on the inside are black and white (which the creators had been advised when the issue was accepting submissions).

It’s a shame that the interior artwork and photos aren’t in color, but the editors planned for the printed copies of Issue #1 to be in black and white. I spoke with editor Lina about plans for future issues, and she indicated that they were looking into printing future issues in color. Given this zine’s limited availablity in print, she maintains JBTK is best enjoyed digitally, since that’s the best way to distribute and view it.  

Stick to the man

I also received stickers from supporting the zine on Ko-Fi. For the price of two coffees (or one fancy drink from Starbucks), you can get some of these adorable die-cut stickers so you can show the world your love of all things kawaii. The JBTK bandaid sticker and mascot stickers are perfect for showing your support of the zine on your waterbottle, laptop, or notebook. “Wear Your Sneakers with Pride”  and “Too Kawaii for Your Sh*t” are both bigger and more eye catching. I love the artwork on “Too Kawaii”. I would also love “Sneakers” as a button and “Too Kawaii” as a patch, but in the meantime I plan on slapping them on my laptop and sewing machine case.  


If you’d like physical copies of Just Below the Knee, a limited run of Issue #1 and #2 will be available for purchase at Paradiso (as well as other goodies like stickers!). As always, Issues #1 and #2 are also available on Gumroad. You can also get stickers by checking out Just Below the Knee’s Ko-Fi, where there are instructions about how to get some for yourself. You can also follow JTBK on Facebook and Instagram for updates on future issues.


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