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Things I never imagined about lolita when I joined the fashion


I knew when I got into lolita some of the basic facts: Rococo, Victorian influences, started in Japan, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, throwing absurb amounts of money at clothing, etc. etc. However, there were all kinds of things that I never could have predicted. Things like…

Ironing my socks.

These socks aren’t going to iron themselves.

I knew that my new clothes might require different kinds of care than I was used to. Sure, I might have to steam garments instead of ironing them, or perhaps handwash some of my clothes. What I didn’t anticipate was the TLC my under the knee socks would require. But that lace and satin ribbon isn’t going to iron itself.

Paying $45 for a t-shirt.

Stupid $45 frilly t-shirt.

There’s lots of vocabulary that is unique to j-fashion. Some of these words are fairly easy to understand, but some take a little more research to understand. I don’t remember when I first learned what a cut-sew was, but I generally now translate it to “t-shirt”. Imagine my shock, when several years into my lolita journey, I find myself forking over $40+ for a t shirt.

How much space coordinate photos take up on my phone. 


One of these photos has to have turned out okay.

Sharing photos of coordinates is one of the basic ways that fans of lolita can interact with one another on social media. I knew that taking pictures of my outfit of the day would be part of the fashion. I didn’t expect the dozens of photos I would take each time and how long they would spend on my phone before I saved them or deleted. For goodness sake, I have 64 GB. How many photos can one phone hold? The answer is a lot. 

Fiending for $300 stuffed animals

The sweet siren song of Kumyas.

Even though I sweet is not my favorite substyle, its hard to resist the siren call of Kumyas. There’s something so charming about a stuffed animal bag that I honestly finding myself browsing through listings for the limited edition versions of everyone’s favorite bear bunny. I mean, really. She’s so cute!

Purchasing “j-fashion” from everywhere in the world. 

Violet Fane, from Spain.

Obviously, I knew that ordering from overseas would be a given for a fashion that started in Japan. What I didn’t expect was how many lolita brands operated throughout the world. From jewelry makers in Australia to hat makers in Spain to clothing brands in San Francisco, lolita’s global influence doesn’t just encompass those who wear it but also to those who make it. I’m so happy to be part of such an expansive international community. 


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