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Easter Prints During and Outside of Easter


Easter is literally just around the corner. Although not as popular as Christmas (though more important for religious people), it also comes with its own aesthetic. If you’re like me, then the idea of a seasonal print you can only wear once a year probably terrifies you. But I think that if anything, Easter prints will be much easier to wear at other times of the year. And I’m here to prove just that!


The Example Easter Dress

To showcase my point I will use Happy Easter JSK in yellow by Baby the Stars Shine Bright. This is one of the most obnoxiously seasonal Easter prints you could get in a colourway to match. Those prioritising versatility would hesitate before getting this dress, as it’ll be hard to wear outside of spring. However, if we can make this dress appropriate for other seasons, then rest assured that you’ll be able to do this with any Easter themed dress.


Easter dress

This is a truly adorable dress that isn’t just perfect for Easter. It IS all about Easter, from the name, through the bunnies, down to the colourway.


Spring and Easter Coordinate

Let’s start with the obvious, which is the coordinate for Easter and for spring. Easter is a holiday that falls on different dates each year, but always towards early spring. The weather can still be a little chilly, hence the cardigan and tights/OTK socks. Of course, you could go into full bunny mode and live your Easter fantasy. However, I wanted to compliment the print, which reminds me of old children’s books. As such the point of the coord is to evoke that sense of nostalgia. Besides, this might get higher family approval for your Easter breakfast or to church than OTT sweet bunny realness.



Although this coordinate is simple, the pops of mint keep it looking fresh. And toned down will probably be more appropriate for church, if you’re going. The headbow and the bolero are from BtSSB, the tights are from Enchantlic Enchantilly and the shoes are from Innocent World.


Summer and Country Coordinate

The good thing about summer is that it’s not that different as a season from spring. It’s mostly just much warmer and with fruit where once there were flowers. This means that the colour palette from spring will still work in summer, so this yellow dress would be perfect! Because of this colour and the flowers all over the print, a country coordinate really compliments such an Easter themed dress. You don’t even need to change much! Simply get some shorter layers and a straw hat to protect you from the sun, and you’re good to go!



For summer you want to go as minimal and breezy as possible. A plastic bangle or other accessory in pink helps balance that ribbon on the hat. The bolero is from Innocent World, the hat is from Angelic Pretty, the shoes are from Metamorphose, the socks are from Leur Getter and the bangle is from BtSSB.


Autumn and Jewel Tones Coordinate

Every autumn jewel tones come back into fashion. Luckily, this particular Easter dress already has hints of jewel tones to coordinate with! However, other Easter prints, that may be entirely pastel, could also be coordinated this way. Find a jewel shade of your dress’ colour for the easiest option. Sax and navy or pink and wine will look lovely together as they’re simply different shades of the same colour. However, don’t be afraid to experiment and, for example, coordinate your lavender with teal. And if your wardrobe is entirely devoid of jewel tones, simply wrap up warmer for the cooler autumn weather.



Rich purple really brings out those shades in the print. While purple shoes would be ideal, since they’re hard to come by, black ones should work with the dark shade of the blouse. The blouse is from Ozz On, the headbow and shoes are from BtSSB, the socks are from Enchantlic Enchantilly and the hair clip is from Innocent World.


Winter and Snow (Easter) Bunny

Oh, you think that coordinating this Easter dress for winter will be impossible? That the autumn one was already a stretch? Then stretch again! Snow bunnies exist and while yellow in winter may not be typical, pastel colours aren’t strictly for warmer months. Besides, gold is just another form of yellow and glittery gold could evoke both Christmas and elegant New Year’s Eve vibes. This is your time to be the elegant, glittery snow bunny princess. Because lolita fashion is only limited by your imagination.



Oh yes, we saved the most OTT coord for the least Easter-like time. Be a snow bunny princess at your comm’s Winter ILD meetup! The blouse is from Millefleurs, the headdress is from AatP and everything else is from Angelic Pretty.


Final words

Ultimately your clothes are yours. You can indulge in seasonal dresses to only wear once a year (and then wear the heck out of them). Equally, it’s valid to only buy what matches your wardrobe most to get the most wear out of your clothes. Whichever camp you may be in, just remember that you can wear your clothes at any time you want. If you really put your mind to it, I’m sure you’ll find more ways to wear seasonal prints at unseasonal times. Whether that’s Christmas in July or Easter in December, you can do it.

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