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Fancy Box ♡ Coordination


Hi there.
We will introduce Angelic Pretty’s very cute original stuff today.
It’s their original designed series called Fancy Box♪

We strongly recommend this pretty series!
The bear and rabbit with bid, round eyes are extremely cute!
You will never be tired of the gift boxes on the items because each box has different design♡

Now, we will show a you casual lolita coordination using Fancy Box skirt and parka♪


Items in this coordination

*Fancy Box Bear parka
*Fancy Box skirt
*Fancy Box over-knee socks
*Lyrical Bunny 2WAY shoulder bag


The ribbon on the parka can be removed and you can use it as a hair ornament♪
The hood has bear ears, so your back is so cute as well♪


You can see wrapping-like design on the skirt♡
Doubled frill make the coordination pop.
What do you think about this kind of casual lolita style?
Many kinds of lolita styles make your life more wonderful☆

Jewelry in this coordination♡


(全てAngelic Pretty♡)
*Hanikami Bear Face ring
*Jewelry Heart ring
*Torokechau-Ice-Kun bangle
(All of above are from Angelic Pretty♡)

This coordination uses only plastic jewelry due to making a pop style.

Hair ornaments in this coordination♡


*Dot Grosgrain Ribbon comb (Angelic Pretty)
*Midnight barrette (MILK)
*Shooting Star clip (6% DOKIDOKI)

Since the parka has many stars, we chose star-designed ornaments for hair!

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