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Introducing Chinese Lolita Brand Surfacespell♡

While Gothic & Lolita Fashion has its origins in Japan, it is steadily gaining popularity overseas. Lately, if you open an issue of Gothic & Lolita Bible, you will often find special features on international Gothic & Lolita brands as well.

Today we would like to introduce the Chinese Lolita brand Surfacespell!


Surfacespell is a well-established Classical Lolita brand. It was created in 2002 by a team of two designers who love all things classical and vintage. With ten years of experience in the fashion world, the pair is responsible for not only designing but also draping their garments.

The brand philosophy is to always give their best to wholeheartedly create Classical Lolita clothing that can be worn elegantly even in everyday situations. Incorporating various elements from Mode, Vintage, Classic, Rock and other styles into their designs is the reason for their ongoing popularity.

Surfacespell has been featured in Gothic & Lolita Bible as well, so you may have heard of it before!

We would like to introduce some of the most popular Surfacespell series ♡

Obsidian&Angelica Series

Abundantly using delicate materials such as pearls, lace and velour that possess a sense of warmth is Surfacespell’s specialty.
Resembling wedding dresses, the Obsidian&Angelica Series design is guaranteed to appeal to a maiden’s feelings!♡
The pure white bride-like Angelica dress or the pitch black lady-like Obsidian dress, which one would you prefer?♡

By the way, Misako Aoki modeled the Angelica OP for Chinese Lolita magazine GIRLISM♪

Little Dorrit Series

A dress fit for a Mademoiselle in a girl’s school, and the apron of the same series.
The dress is available in a sweeter smoky pink and a more muted grey stripe pattern.♪

As you can see, both the collar of the dress and the apron are adorned with lots of pearls, lace and appliques. No doubt the generous use of these materials is what makes Surfacespell so appealing☆

We are very happy to announce that we will soon be able to offer Surfacespell clothing through Wunderwelt fleur online shop!

Additional details will be announced at a later date, so please be patient for a little while☆

The following items will be available at Wunderwelt online shop.

The Ship Sailing to Fairyland Blouse

Released in a variety of colors, The Ship Sailing to Fairyland Blouse sold out in no time.

The delicate leaf embroidery on the chest the definite highlight of this blouse!

The body is made from cotton so it feels great on the skin, whereas the sleeves are made of chiffon and don’t wrinkle easily.

Available in cream, pink-beige, navy and bordeaux, it is suitable for a variety of coordinates♪
We especially recommend pairing it with the Luminous Stars Empire Waist Long OP, which we will introduce next.♡

Luminous Stars Empire Waist Long OP

Available in a gorgeous floral jacquard and slightly simpler green and bordeaux versions, it features a beautiful Empire waistline!
Although it is a short-sleeved one piece dress, it also looks adorable when worn like a JSK with a long-sleeved blouse inside.

The design features fine details such as embroidery near the hem.

Especially the limited edition floral jacquard is very popular and is expected to sell out quickly.

We will announce the price and other details at a later date.

Lastly we would like to introduce some lovely items which will be available both online and at our Pop-up shop from July 13th to 23rd! This will give you the chance to actually see the items in person before you make your choice, so please come by if you have the chance!

Freak Show Series

With a slightly poisonous-looking yet elegant tint, this series features a circus-themed design.

You might turn into the heroine of the circus tent, who can only exist in this extraordinary atmosphere♡

Available as a corset-style JSK and a corset and long skirt set, both are guaranteed to show off your waistline beautifully.☆

Courtyard for Frolicking Cats Series

This extremely cute series’ main point is the embroidered bell with cat ears.♡ Made of warm velour, it is perfect for Autumn.

The JSK from the same series is already sold out, so this time only the beret and bolero will be available.

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Even though it is still summer, all of you who want to spend Autumn looking lovely as well should not miss this opportunity!☆

This concludes our introduction of Surfacespell.

Of course we will have lots of special events and campaigns apart from new items, so everyone who is in Tokyo in July should stop by our pop-up shop.♡

Location: Shinjuku Barbie Room
Address: 3-9-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Shinjuku Tochi Kenbutsu Dai10Bld. 5F


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●From Toei Shinjuku Line, Shinjuku-sanchōme Station (1 minute walk from exit C5)

Take exit C5 at the Toei Shinjuku Line Shinjuku-sanchōme Station and head north for about 20m, then turn left at the “Tachinomiya Arigatō” (a drinking establishment). Continue for about 10m until you reach the entrance to a building on your right (opposite an Izakaya called “Chirinbō”).

  • ●From Marunouchi Line and Fukutoshin Line, Shinjuku-sanchōme Station (3 minute walk from exit B2)
    Take exit B2 at the Tokyo Metro Shinjuku-sanchōme station. You will see a store called “Peach John” on your right. Follow that street heading east-southeast for about 130m until you see a restaurant called “Yakiniku Chōshunkan” and turn left there. Walk for about 40m until you reach the “Tachinomiya Arigatō” (a drinking establishment) and turn left again. Continue for about 10m until you reach the entrance to a building on your right (opposite an izakaya called “Chirinbō”).
  • ●From Shinjuku Station East Exit (8 minute walk)
    Take the East exit of Shinjuku Station (in front of Shinjuku ALTA) and follow Shinjuku-dōri heading east (towards Isetan and Yotsuya) for about 500m until you reach an au shop (a cellphone store) on the left. Turn left there and walk for about 70m until you reach a Yakitori restaurant called “Ebichū”. Turn right there and walk for about 5m until you reach the entrance on the left.
    • ●From Shinjuku Station South-East Exit (8 minute walk)
      Take the South-East exit of Shinjuku Station and take the Kōshū Kaidō street heading east-southeast (towards IDC Otsuka (a furniture store) and Yotsuya) for about 400m until you reach the Marui Annex department store and the WALD9 cinema. Cross the street at the traffic signal north of Marui Annex and turn right. Continue until you reach an au shop (a cellphone store). Turn left there and walk for about 70m until you reach a Yakitori restaurant called “Ebichū”. Turn right there and walk for about 5m until you reach the entrance on the left.

    ※all Surfacespell photos used with permission.

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