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Introducing Enchantlic Enchantilly, a brand that will make you feel enchantingly cute! ♡

Enchantlic Enchantilly’s concept is “It’ll bewitch you!”.

Created in the spirit of wordplay, the brand name is a combination of English and French words.

Their clothes are elegant yet cute, sometimes even gothic and always mysterious.

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We are happy to announce that we will be able to offer Enchantlic Enchantilly items at our pop-up shop!

Enchantlic Enchantilly designs range from fairytale-like prints featuring medieval European castles and elements from Gothic novels, items in traditional colors like wine red, dark blue or brown that carry a sense of weight, to adorable original animal prints like Queen Bunny and Queen Cat.

It is truly a brand that makes you feel like you’ve leapt into a fairytale.

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We went to meet the brand’s designer and staff for the first time the other day. Everyone was so lovely♪

If you have the chance, please come by our pop-up shop in July to have a look at the actual items.


On Saturday July 16th, designer Fumiko Kawamura will visit our shop!!


There will be ample opportunity to talk to the designer herself about her brand’s clothing.

Details will be announced at a later date so make sure to check our Twitter account regularly.


Location: Shinjuku Barbie Room
Address: 3-9-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo  Shinjuku Tochi Kenbutsu Dai10Bld. 5F

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