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Review: Violin Rose OTKs – Enchantlic Enchantilly


Hi! Today I bring you a quick review of Enchantlic Enchantilly OTKs in blue color!

I’ve been eyeing this pair for a while, and, this month, I finally managed to buy mine!
So, let’s check it…

First things first…

Blue Roses OTKs

The pair came very well packed. As usual, there was with a slip of cardboard paper holding the OTKs inside the plastic bag in order to keep its shape. As I said before, I ordered the blue pair, but they also offer a red x black option and even another tight with these same roses (but without the violins!).

The back of it came with some washing instructions (both in English and in Japanese!) and a cute card with the store’s logo.

Then, the color: it’s so vivid! The blue of these OTKs are a perfect match to Moitie’s blue (that’s the main reason why I bought it, lol). The front depicts some violins, crowns and, of course, blue roses. The back of it is more simple, with some crowns aligned vertically along with blue roses.

Finally, the fit: it’s pretty comfy and the print doesn’t get too distorted along the knees. You probably won’t need any socks glue for this pair, as it’s quite stretchy at the top of it and the elastic has a nice grip on the legs. Not only that, these OTKs may be used with either violin or crown in front of your legs, so you have two options when combining it with your pieces. Ah, the side seams are quite light, so they don’t really appear when you’re taking pictures.

And, that’s it!
If you liked this pair, go check Enchantlic’s legwear for more floral prints and don’t forget to post it online!
Already own these OTKs? I really suggest pairing it with some dresses from Larme D’ange and, of course, Enchantlic itself!

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