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Lolita Challenge: Give Something New A Go


It doesn’t matter whether you blog, vlog or none of the above. Sometimes you may simply feel stuck in a rut and wanting to try out something new. Taking part in a Lolita challenge is a great way to think outside the box and experiment – or even to fill your spare time. If that sounds like you, then read on to find out about the challenges you could take part in.


The 10 Day Lolita Challenge

Adapted by Rosalyn from Lolita Wonderland, the 10 Day Lolita Challenge is an easy way to get into doing these. She adapted the original 30 Day Lolita Challenge into much more manageable 10 prompts to follow. Let’s face it, 30 is more of a challenge, but 10 is easier to do when you’re busy. Although it lends itself best to bloggers, you could adapt it into vlogs or Instagram with little effort. Or you could use these prompts as ice breakers at the next meet you organise.

A mini version of the original 30 Day Lolita Challenge.

You could do the 10 Day Lolita Challenge in so many different ways. Image from Lolita Wonderland blog.


Around Your Wardrobe in 30 Coords

This Lolita challenge was created by Roli from Roli’s Ramblings and it’s the newest kid on the block. To many having 30 outfits or main pieces – one for every day of the month – feels like a Lolita milestone. However, not everyone might have ample time or opportunities to wear them. And let’s not forget feeling stuck for coord ideas sometimes. Try these outfit prompts to get your creative juices flowing. The best part it, you can do these however you want: flatlays, mannequin coords, collages or actual worn outfits. No time-frame takes the pressure off this Lolita challenge and you don’t need to worry about how many pieces you actually own as long as you can create 30 separate outfits.


The Lolita 52 Challenge

This is an oldie but goldie Lolita challenge. FYeahLolita created 52 prompts, one per week for a whole year, to inspire blogging Lolitas. The challenge is from 2013, but many still use it to create content for their platforms. If that’s not proof of how timeless and versatile it is, I don’t know what would be. And again, there’s room for flexibility: mix and match the prompt order and adapt it to blogs, vlogs or social media.

The most iconic Lolita challenge

This Lolita challenge is truly iconic now. Image from FYeahLolita blog.


The Lolita Lifestyle Challenge

This is another new one which takes place on the Lolita Amino, an app for creating communities. The Lolita Amino admins have started a monthly Lolita challenge centred around the Lolita lifestyle. This month’s prompt is Lolita Errands. It seems good fun for those really wanting to try out something new and get out of their comfort zone. The more people take part, the longer these prompts will continue for, so give it a go.


Lolita Blog Carnival

Another well-established challenge in the Lolita community. The Lolita Blog Carnival is a Facebook group getting bloggers to write about a set prompt at the same time each week. You will need to run a blog to join, but in the past group members have posted vlogs instead of blogs, so speak to the moderators. There’s already a large bank of past prompts for you to have a go at too. This Lolita challenge favours regularity and routine, but don’t be afraid to pick and choose when you participate.

A weekly Lolita challenge to give your blog a routine.

Lolita Blog Carnival also helps find new blogs to follow.


One Dress Multiple Coords Challenge

Last but not least is the Lolita challenge that you might’ve seen in many different versions already. Sometimes there’s a theme (e.g. seasons), sometimes there isn’t. The point is simply to make more than one coord with the same main piece. Usually people create three to four outfits with one main piece, which is manageable whilst showing off variety. You don’t need to join anything and you don’t even have to share the results if you don’t want to. Simply challenge yourself when stuck for coord ideas or in a mood to experiment. It’s good practice to polish your coordinating skills and create a bank of potential outfits. You’ll never be stuck on what to wear in the future when doing that. Wherever and however you do it, definitely try out this one!


Do you know of any more Lolita challenges? I’m always on a lookout for new ones, they give me things to do to engage with the fashion. I’ll definitely do the first two and if you’re interested, check out my take on the last one.

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