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Instagram Accounts to Follow for More Kawaii


Instagram is an amazing platform for something as visual as fashion. With a few hashtags you can easily find inspiration for your next coord. Following the right accounts can also give you sneak previews of upcoming releases. And while Instagram is not without its faults, it remains popular amongst lolitas to share their outfits and ventures. Below are four accounts that inspire me in lolita and Japanese fashions – hopefully they’ll inspire you too!


Angelic Pretty Hiroshima

While Angelic Pretty has multiple Instagram accounts for various branches, this one is my favourite. The staff at the Hiroshima branch show some of their favourite pieces, but the feed is mostly customers’ coords. This cute insight into how Japanese lolitas wear the fashion can be both inspiring and informative. Those photos remind me to take ‘lolita rules’ with a pinch of salt sometimes and enjoy wearing what you like. If it’s cute enough for the Angelic Pretty Hiroshima Instagram, it’s cute enough for my feed too!

Harajuku Fashion Walk

The official Harajuku Fashion Walk account is another great way of seeing real people wearing the fashion. There are multiple lolitas on their feed, but the account is inclusive of all Harajuku fashions. This means double the inspiration: for in and out of your frills! Thanks to amazing photography these are more than just outfit snaps – they’re works of art bringing the clothes and their wearers to life. Note that this Instagram account only documents what people wore. If you’re want to take part in the Harajuku Fashion Walk, follow their Twitter for updates.

J-Fashion Archives

The Gothic & Lolita Bible and KERA magazines were an amazing archive of lolita fashion and how it changed over the years. The J-Fashion Archives account aims to preserve that in the digital age. Their posts will sometimes take you on a nostalgia trip and sometimes down the hilarious WTF lane. Both magazines featured some beautiful photoshoots and illustrations, so expect plenty of visually pleasing content. This is definitely the Instagram account to follow if you’re about blasts from the pasts more than new releases!

Harajuku Kawaii Tour

Whether you plan on going to Tokyo or just admiring from afar, the Harajuku Kawaii Tour is full of inspiration. The tours are ran by lolitas living in Tokyo, so they know exactly where to show you. On their Instagram they’ll introduce some of these amazing places and to what they do during the tours. Even if lolita fashion is not your thing, if you like all things kawaii, you’ll find yourself right at home.


And of course don’t forget to follow Wunderwelt and AliceHolic too!

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