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Back to School Coords


In many places September means a return to school. After a whole summer off, often filled with all the time to play with coordinating our clothes, it’s back to the routine. For others, especially university students, it’s the beginning of the freedom to wear whatever they want. Whether you’ll be wearing lolita fashion more or less now that school is starting again, here are some outfit ideas to get you through this! And as some people prefer to wear trousers, for each coord there will be a lolita and a boystyle option.


School Uniform Coords

Granted, most school uniforms are pretty specific and you won’t be able to include any alternative clothing. For the lucky few, something like this should work well with your school’s blazer. For the rest of us, this is something you could wear to your next school-themed meetup. Or style it with the colours of your Hogwarts house for a Harry Potter themed look.


Lolita school uniform

This would look lovely with or without a petticoat, thanks to Innocent World White being a more casual label. Dress it up with your school badge and grab your cutest randoseru bag for all those textbooks! Innocent World White skirt, Innocent World shoes, Metamorphose blouse, Black Peace Now jacket, Alice and the Pirates socks and Milk barette.


Boystyle school uniform

For a boystyle version, all you need to do is switch the skirt for trousers. Check if shorts fit with your school uniform rules first! Wunderwelt has some great long trouser options too, so check them out! Black Peace Now shorts and jacket, Innocent World shoes, Metamorphose blouse, Alice and the Pirates socks and Milk barette.


School-Appropriate Coords

Your school might not have a uniform, but many have dress codes. The good news is that they’re mostly about dressing modestly, which lolita fashion is all about. The bad news – sometimes lolita is still too much for some dress codes. Make sure you don’t get yourself in trouble. This could be a safe option that shouldn’t break any major school dress code rules.


School-appropriate lolita coord

Neutral colours, flat shoes and minimum poof and accessories should fit most school dress codes. This is also cute for those autumn vibes we get in September! Innocent World JSK and blouse, Alice and the Pirates cardigan, Baby the Stars Shine Bright shoes and combs, and Q-pot tights.


School-appropriate ouji coord

Since bow combs are too cutesy, wear a beret instead. You could pin the bow clip to the beret or at your neck. It will give you some flair at the top if the teachers tell you off for wearing a hat inside the classroom. Remember, balance in your coord above all! Miho Matsuta shorts, Innocent World blouse, Alice and the Pirates cardigan, Baby the Stars Shine Bright shoes, Heart E beret, Angelic Pretty clip, and Q-pot tights.


First Day at Uni Coords

Many of us brave wearing lolita more once we move out and go to university. It’s a chance to start fresh and create a new image for yourself. It can also be a good conversation starter when meeting new people. You can go wildly OTT or stick to more casual styles, whatever you’re most comfortable with. Just don’t arrive late or your professor will never forget you!


Lolita at uni

The OP makes this quick to put on if you’re running late, whilst keeping your outfit cute and memorable. A Milk heart bag will be big enough to carry the stuff you need for the lecture. If that’s not your style, just rock what you love! Angelic Pretty OP and tights, Baby the Stars Shine Bright headbow and shoes, and Milk bag.



Ouji at university

Similarly, sticking with a set makes it easier to dress in the morning. While this punk-inspired look may look a little more mainstream fashion, use it as inspiration for your own wardrobe! Alice and the Pirates vest and shorts set, beret and socks, Milk boots, alice auaa top and Curiology hair clips.


Teachers’ Coords

If you’re a newly qualified teacher – congratulations! Whilst some schools will apply stricter dress codes to its teachers as well, there will be some of you in a position to wear something frillier. Those lucky enough to be university lecturers could go a bit wilder, though as you’re still working, classic or gothic styles would be best. Bonus points if you can match your outfit to the subject you’re teaching!


Lolita teacher

The hat adds a touch of quirkiness – perfect if you teach history or art. Take it away, and you still have an outfit that’s both professional and stylish. Excentrique JSK, Alice and the Pirates blouse, Milk blazer and socks, Victorian Maiden hat and Innocent World heels.


Ouji teacher

With such long shorts and boots, you shouldn’t need legwear. Go for something simple, like diamond pattern, if you want any. This would look killer with a pair of round glasses – you’d have every student’s attention! Jane Marple shorts, Angelic Pretty cutsew and bag, Metamorphose jacket and boots, and AmaStacia beret.


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